Nia Fisher – I Wish You Love

Hi i’m Nia, an aspiring singer/songwriter from London,England. I’m self taught on the piano, unsigned and undiscovered! I’m always keen to hear people’s thoughts on my music so please check out my videos at and other tracks at Thanks!

  • Davi Music1st

    Well, I wish you Lots O’ Luck!
    Thank you for that beautiful song.
    Nice Feeling and I like how your voice trails off at times.
    This was not over sung.
    I would have liked a different angle but I know that you wanted us to see that you were actually playing the Keys. Maybe just a tiny bit less keyboard and more of your expressions. Like Sir Elton as he sings to the camera as he plays.
    Good Job!

  • Niafisher

    Thank you so much for your feedback!….i really appreciate your thoughts, Nia.

  • Hello Nia,

    Beautiful Setting.  I feel that the ambience of one’s creative space is truly important.  Your piano skills are very nice.  I enjoy the way you’ve relaxed into this song…doesn’t feel forced at all.  You do get a lil’ pitchy when you let your vocal notes trail.  Work on singing from your belly vs. your nasal mask and you’ll lend a special, angelic, quality to your voice without sounding strained.  Thanks for the upload; I look forward to more!

    Brian Stevenson

  • Niafisher

    Thank you so much Brian, it is so interesting and valuable to receive feedback on how others hear you….much appreciated!….Nia.

  • Gwen

    The texture of your voice reminds me of Madonna…I love that! I really like the smooth/ softness on the ends of your phrases that you create..transfers the emotion…Cant wait to hear more!!