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Nia Fisher – I Wish You Love

Hi i’m Nia, an aspiring singer/songwriter from London,England. I’m self taught on the piano, unsigned and undiscovered! I’m always keen to hear people’s thoughts on my music so please check out my videos at www.youtube.com/niafisher and other tracks at www.soundcloud.com/nia-fisher Thanks!

  • Davi Music1st

    Well, I wish you Lots O’ Luck!
    Thank you for that beautiful song.
    Nice Feeling and I like how your voice trails off at times.
    This was not over sung.
    I would have liked a different angle but I know that you wanted us to see that you were actually playing the Keys. Maybe just a tiny bit less keyboard and more of your expressions. Like Sir Elton as he sings to the camera as he plays.
    Good Job!

  • Niafisher

    Thank you so much for your feedback!….i really appreciate your thoughts, Nia.

  • Hello Nia,

    Beautiful Setting.  I feel that the ambience of one’s creative space is truly important.  Your piano skills are very nice.  I enjoy the way you’ve relaxed into this song…doesn’t feel forced at all.  You do get a lil’ pitchy when you let your vocal notes trail.  Work on singing from your belly vs. your nasal mask and you’ll lend a special, angelic, quality to your voice without sounding strained.  Thanks for the upload; I look forward to more!

    Brian Stevenson

  • Niafisher

    Thank you so much Brian, it is so interesting and valuable to receive feedback on how others hear you….much appreciated!….Nia.

  • Gwen

    The texture of your voice reminds me of Madonna…I love that! I really like the smooth/ softness on the ends of your phrases that you create..transfers the emotion…Cant wait to hear more!!