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Nicholas Patrick – Train Song cover

A dedicated audiophile with a insatiable love of all things music. I’ve worked in and around studios for many years now and have been a prolific sound designer for many theatre productions in the Nottingham area. Now working on some high-profile projects, one of which is for Nottingham’s Olympic Torch Celebrations. I’m also a resident Audio-Visual Project Manager at a Music Profiling firm in Chesterfield. This track is from an acoustic set recorded in my own home studio. Produced, recorded, mixed and arranged by myself also. I hope you enjoy and look forward to maybe hearing from some of you. Cheers, N

  • Boomski Studio

    Great song, good rythm.  Love it.
    Boomski Studio

  • Highcottonatl

    nice sound…like this song and how you present it…..well done….

  • Hello Nicholas,

    The video looks and sounds great.  I really enjoy the husky drone of your voice in the verses.  The mix sounds nice on the ears to boot! Really like the psychedelic ending. 

  • Nicholas Patrick

    Thanks for the awesome comments guys, much appreciated. Brian, the ending was meant to sound like a train, sounding its horn, passing by you as you stood on the platform, hopefully that carried. :) N