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Nick Bogod – Angel of Harlem -U2 cover

Just an amateur musician with a day job in the process of recovering from vocal cord surgery. Always open to (constructive) criticism and suggestions of techniques for practicing and improving vocal performance.

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  • Hi Nick,

    Good sound but next time move the camera so we can see your face. Part of singing is connecting with the audience, even if we are out here in internet land. The track is sorta loungy and lacks the attack that one would expect from a U2 song but I’m diggin’ the effort brother. Hey, curious, are you using a live harmonizer = sounds cool!



  • Jimgorin

    Great job! Very good intonation, solid tempo. You might want to try incorporating some of the “vocal effects” Bono uses to add variety and personality to his performances. Start a few lines with a little guttural rasp, for instance. Some of the “wordier” phrases should be delivered with a little swagger. These additions make your performance more interesting and personal to the listener.