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Nima ft Ayda – Gotta Get Out

Bio: I’m Ayda, (pronounced eye-dah) – born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, currently living in the UK. I’ve been singing my whole life basically, and I started writing at the age of 16. Do check out the other videos on my youtube if you like what you hear. I have a few more original songs put up there. Love Ayda

  • Hello Ayda,

    Really interesting song…I love the whole black and white thing and the fact that you went for natural appeal. I'm not even gonna' mess with picking you apart…there's so much that you are doing right. You're refreshing to listen to. SO, I'll just point out all the things that I like.

    Timing…alright! You've got some sort of snappy yet simple sequence or backing track going there – and why not!!! It lends itself well to your story. I'm not sure how old you are; you look young but sound downright womanly at times. And, there's something very sultry and stabbing in your lyrics. I especially enjoy that you reinforce certain words with meaning and harmony – nice way to drive those feelings home.

    The backing track is awesome and I love that you use your voice to back your voice up. This song has some nice dynamics and you sing to the ebb and flow of the tune. I like that “Gotta Get Out” is slightly off the beaten path yet there's plenty of hook there. You have a nice relaxed vibrato, silky.

    Ayda, you also did a good job of using your immediate surroundings. Going black and white was a good idea because it takes the color out of the room and puts it on you…everything blends visually. I also like that you sing to us, the video camera, and let us in. Performance is all about intimacy, regardless of the emotion being conveyed by the song…it has to feel real for people to accept it with open arms.

    Keep rocking sister. You've got an interesting voice and song writing style. I look forward to hearing more from you my friend :)



  • Only good things can be said about this talented young and ambitious singer/songwriter! The world aint ready yet, but they will catch up with you soon, Ayda, so keep it up.

  • javid

    That is OK, but need more work it is better than those before for sure,i am glad you took that .. of pleas call your self AYDA THAT IS BEAUTIFUL,you don't need that word after you name be your self that is fine.clothing has to be much of song,nothing wrong with color but singing has to be to gather,and positive not negative,and in future any picture you show of your self has to be role model even if has to be just for picture,remember but if can be for real is best,and all singing has to have good meanings ,and relative to each others(words)find the nicest song of others and try to remember that and sing them better than them,listen to your singing see if you understanding or make sense for you and make you happy or sad then can do the same to others remember be your self in anything,don't need to show off ,something that may be you are not in any song,has to be much not unreal,i am talking in general not for this song,you are public person anything you say or do ,it is reflected in your profile has to be careful and with lots of thinking and asking your mom dad and family ,chose one of the singers that you like for example taylor swift or who ever is in your category..and learn from that,your song are good but has to be getting better your song that you had before was better i think repeat that…i wish you the best javid

  • Sarah

    Simply the most beautiful, talented artist out there. Great job on another amazing song Ayda! Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent with us.

    With much love,
    Sarah from California

  • your just great! wish you the best …

  • Negar

    Du är helt underbar Ayda. Får aldrig nog av din vackra röst. Göteborg saknar dej och jag önskar dej all lycka därborta. Fortsätt så! Hälsa på oss snart och berätta mer. Puss på dej!

  • Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments, I enjoyed reading them all….

  • Ayda

    Sarah, I feel the love all the way from Cali!
    Thank you so much!

  • Ayda

    Payam jan,
    Thank you for your kind words,
    I do hope the world is ready for it when it comes..
    With love

  • Ayda,

    Good of you to respond to some of the folks who commented on your song. That's what I like to see…a good follow up. Many post here and never respond or take anything away from it…a sign of a true professional – all the best!