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Nodules: Everything You Were Afraid to Ask

Four experts tell you everything you need to know about vocal nodules for World Voice Day.

Dane Chalfin

Formation of vocal nodes

Dane Chalfin

Leading industry vocal coach and voice rehabilitation specialist.

“The people we see the most in voice clinics with nodules are usually young women: school teachers, call center workers – or anyone else with a profession or hobby that makes them project their voice on an already inefficient or “leaky” sound. Of course, this would include singers. [Read more…]

Kim Chandler

I developed nodules and survived!

Kim Chandler

Top session singer and industry vocal coach.

“Back in the mid-90s, during a particularly heavy performing schedule, I noticed that my voice was a little husky and accessing my head voice was more difficult than it should’ve been. Since it was my living, I felt obliged to take all the singing work coming my way. As a result I was singing seven days a week for months on end… [Read more…]

Sara Harris

Diagnosis and treatment

Sara Harris

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Voice), Co-founder of the Voice Research Society.

“Vocal nodules (often called ‘Singer’s Nodules’) are small swellings that can develop on your vocal cords. The swelling interferes with the nice straight edges of your vocal cords preventing them from closing properly and causing breathiness, hoarseness and unreliable voicing. [Read more…]

Tom Harris

How nodes are removed today

Tom Harris MA, FRCS, Hon. FRCSLT

Consultant ENT Surgeon at The Blackheath Hospital, London.

“Often singers are frightened of nodules, thinking of them as the death of a career. However, they are the easiest things to fix through both speech therapy and surgery, when it is required…. [Read more…]

Dane, Kim, Sara and Tom are contributors to The Ultimate Guide to Singing and members of the British Voice Association (BVA). For more details, download the BVA’s FREE World Voice Day PDF PDF