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Noe Saenz – Shine a Light cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Noe, I love that you have such an effective way of personalizing this song. All of your phasing and changes to the melody make for interesting listening. However I want you to consider your overall emotional impression. To me this is a song about a guy who’s sad, because he’s lost the girl that he loved. And what I see is a guy loving to sing the song. It’s like you want to impress me. I totally understand the need, but this approach almost never does the song any good. So yes – I think you are a good singer, but work on centering your singing in the emotion of the lyrics.

Noe Saenz’s Bio:

I’m Noe Saenz, a 20 year old music major and aspiring singer-songwriter. :] hope you enjoy my stuff.