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November’s Vocal Coach in Residence: Juliet Russell

November's Vocal Coach in Residence: Juliet Russell

Coach, arranger, performer, songwriter – this month’s coach packs it all into one career.

She has coached Grammy, Oscar and Mercury prize nominees and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice.

But she’s also a performer, having shared the stage with Damon Albarn, Paloma Faith, Alt-J, Imogen Heap, Sense of Sound and Yoko Ono.

You can see why we are pleased to have Juliet Russell back as our vocal coach in residence – here are her top tips for your singing life.

Best Tip You’ve Heard on Performing

An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.
Mae West

Vocal Health Tip
Learn to listen to your body and, where possible, create a lifestyle that supports what you want to achieve as a singer.

Relating To Fans Tip
Treat your core fans as special. Give them previews, discounts and additional access. They are your ambassadors.

Relating to Fans on Facebook/Twitter Tip
Share insights and influences of what you notice and what inspires you beyond the “I’ve done this”, “come to this”, “buy this” posts.

Venue Tip
This year has been all about festivals; from local to international, festival performances can take your music to a whole new audience.

Vocal Warm Up Tip
A few minutes of sirens goes a long way. Don’t forget to cool down at the end of your session too.

Getting Into Performance Mode Tip
Recall your favorite performance experience in as much detail as you can and use it to elevate your mood and get into the zone.

Rescuing Yourself After a Mistake Tip
Always take responsibility and ask yourself what you could have done differently. Next time change the behavior or situation that led to the mistake. Mistakes inform future success and we all make them!

November’s Vocal Coach in Residence: Juliet RussellResponse to A Negative Comment Tip
Listen openly and if you feel that the negative comment has some truth to it, examine what you could do better and do it. (If it’s just someone being mean, ignore it.)

Relax and Chill Out Tip
I meditate daily and that helps me to quiet both my body and mind, but find whatever works for you.

Keeping Spirits Up Tip
Resilience is a core skill that artists and performers need to develop. You have to learn how to use that muscle so dust yourself off and remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Family and Friends Tip
Don’t expect everyone you love to support you even though you might want them to. (If you really need external feedback, ask 2 or 3 crucial people whom you trust to be honest with you and always listen to your own instincts, as they will often serve you best.)

Staying Interested in Daily Practice Tip
I like exploring different vocal styles and different modes (variations on scales). Experiment and keep it fresh.

Best Tip You’ve Received on Singing
As singers and performers our job is to communicate. It’s not about how high or loud you can sing, but can you express music in a way that other people can relate to or be moved by?

Juliet is our Vocal Coach in Residence for November – sign up now to receive her weekly insights through our Peer-Review email.

November's Vocal Coach in Residence: Juliet Russell

Juliet Russell has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice. She has performed and collaborated with Damon Albarn, Imogen Heap, Paloma Faith, Ringo Starr and is in demand as a coach, singer, vocal arranger and choral director. www.julietrussell.com

In spring 2015, Juliet be touring her forthcoming album, Earth Meets Sky, throughout the UK, collaborating with choirs to create a unique performance in each city.

Juliet’s vocal exercise CD, Love Your Voice, will be available late in 2014.