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Old Soul?

Songwriting with Sarah BellaI used to have people tell me I looked to young to write about the subjects in my songs.

They’d say I must have an “old soul.”

I hear that a lot about other artists as well. But I don’t think you have to experience everything you write about to make it believable.

You just have to FEEL it. I’ve been inspired by everything from something on the news, to a movie or experience of someone I know.

If you can imagine how that person felt, you can create an unbelievably real song.

Choosing if you’re going to write the song in first person or just tell the story is up to you.

Though it may not be about you personally, the song may be much more powerful if written as if it were.

I wrote a song called “stealing butterflies” that was not about me. However, I wrote it like it was.

It was written for someone who experienced a tragedy, but was a stronger song written from the perspective of the victim.

Someone may take a listen to my songs and feel there is no way I’ve experienced all that! G

ood writers are just able to give a real interpretation.

But yes, maybe I do have an old soul; maybe you do too.