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Olympics Closing Song -Your Opinion

This week we’d like to hear your suggestions for the closing song of the London 2012 Olympics. 

This summer the Olympic Games hit the city of London & so far the UK has done it in style. With an opening ceremony featuring performances from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys & Sir Paul McCartney and a playlist ranging from the Sex Pistols to the Sugababes we are left waiting to see what’s in store for the closing ceremony in a few days’ time. This week we’d like to hear your suggestions on how best to round off this great summer of sport.

So the question is: Which song would you choose to close the London 2012 Olympics & who would you have perform it?

-And if you’re reading this after the closing ceremony – let us know your opinion on the song…

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: What’s the best thing a Voice Coach or Music Teacher ever taught you? We’d like to know!

Martin DeBourge posted on our Facebook Page:

“The single most important thing my teacher taught me, and I in turn teach my students: DRINK WATER! It’s amazing how people will dismiss this as being too easy or missing some allusive point. Lubrication is everything. The water you drink today is the hydration you will need tomorrow”.

Hannah Karoshi:

“It was during a time when I was getting so hung up on technique and had lost the passion a little bit, but I was struggling on. I met a singing coach who told me that emotion must always come first, and if your aim is to honestly connect with your audience, then you can always have a successful performance. Joy is what brought us here, and joy is what we must stay connected to and give out”.

John Kjøller responded:

“One of the things I remember from when I started (MANY years ago): The first question my teacher asked me was: “What would you like to learn?” … and young, confused me answered: “uhm…. to sing!”. My teacher then asked: “So, how are we going to do that?”. I was so young and inexperienced, so I had NO idea what to say. And just answered: “uhm…. practice?” (because I thought that might be the answer he would like). Today I realise that his point probably was: “I can guide you. And I can show you tricks, that might help you. But YOU are your own teacher. YOU have to do this. Don’t expect me to make you a great singer”.

Kitty posted on our forum:

“At my very first singing lesson, my music teacher, Mother Mary Doris, had me sing “Three Blind Mice” and then declared, “As I thought, you don’t know how to breathe.”  My immediate 11 year old thought was that I had made it this far without that knowledge was a sheer miracle.From there, I lay down on the floor with tissue below me to “keep the cold out of my back” and an encyclopedia on my middle and learned to make it move up and down as I breathed and sang. That lesson on diaphragm control is with me today.  I have taught it, differently, but with the same emphasis for all of my career”.

Thanks for all the great responses guys, looking forward to hearing your responses next week.

All the best,

C x