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Our Lord And King (Original) – Surrender Sounds

Bio: Hello World, we are Andrew and Laura Coronado. Brother and Sister. We go by “Surrender Sounds”. Basically, we LOVE music, LOVE God, but most of all LOVE to play music for GOD. We write original songs and really hope you enjoy =)

  • itsmeELA888

    nice work. let's do it all for God ! AMEN TO THAT SONG.

  • Christy

    All for the glory of God! :) love it!!!

    -love from Texas!

  • G_Alexander

    I'm not into the God-thing, but your vocals are very smooth and you are sensitive to the dynamic between you as you sing – well done. If I were to single out one area to develop it would be your 'oomph' – a factor that could improve and add more power to your already v. good singing – factors that affect this are posture and proper breathing control- this would place more dynamics at your disposal. I'm saying this as a colleague – the two of you really have so many great qualities to build upon.

  • Hi Gang!

    Thanks for posting. It's popular to bash music of faith and brave of you to choose a different path than the rest of the world. Most folks spew disdain for religious views, which I find comes from their lack of knowledge about any given faith (global), fear, or it is replicated verbiage from what the media tells them faith is. It’s not popular, in this day and age, to stand up for anything. I commend you for doing so!

    However, I'm about to chew you up but I want you to know that it's from the heart and not because I don't like Christian music. In fact, on my way to the office each morning, I listen to Spirit FM because it's uplifting, good songs, and not the usual locker room banter I can get on any radio station at any given time. It’s a fresh and I like that.

    Ok, let's start with the easy stuff. Like it or not, music is a business, and that means Christian music as well. Now if you're going to only ever play at your local church then you need not change a thing. IF however, you choose this as a career, you may want to overhaul your approach:

    To be completely superficial…let's start with image. Laura, you've got the looks in the band…Andrew…perhaps hitting the gym and wearing some snappier duds that complement your sister’s “hip” look are in order. Laura, ya' look kewl, as a front woman should. However, you do these weird things with your facial gestures, constantly chew on your lip, and look away from you brother the whole time he's singing. It’s not cute.

    Now I'm taking it back a stretch but try looking up some old Donnie n' Marie vids on youtube. Notice how they look to one another with genuine fondness when the other is singing. Draw attention to your counterpart…don't just wait to sing your part of the song. So Laura, it takes more than looking pretty and having a cool haircut to be a great singer, but those are also important parts of the “complete” package…voice comes first.

    Laura, I'd like to see you take voice lessons and Andrew back your sister up…people will want to embrace her before you, yes, even Christians. You're probably the better song writer, so write songs that make your sister shine! And Laura, honor you brother if he does this for you because he probably has greater vision concerning song construction than you do and it’s a privilege for any singer to have a songwriter devoted to them.

    Listen gang, there's some really great, well produced, spiritual music out there. Check out Sarah Reeve's song called “Come Save.” I can see a similar approach for the two of you. How about injecting some loops or samples for a fresh sound instead of plunking about on an old fashioned piano? Andrew, you play keys and probably have a computer, so get a cool synth or MIDI controller and start learning how to mix and produce your own music. Michael W. Smith already did this…do something fresh and more your age…please! I encourage both of you to find your vocal comfort zones and start there, instead of clamoring over one another to get a word in.

    Unfortunately, “Our Lord and King” is a very boring number. It feels like a church hymn vs. inspiring one to jump up and “Make a Joyful Noize!!!” I encourage you to visit some local African-American churches for a small sample of the raw energy that spiritual music can generate…go to cornerstone festival, and definitely take in as many “Religious” concerts as you can. Yawl are too young to be so humdrum…explore other Christian Artists who “are” making it.

    Sadly, it seems to be a rather popular approach for young, Christian, artists to use this format of music as a stepping stone toward gaining secular popularity. IOW, they ditch the “God” concept after “God” supposedly gives them what they want. If you truly want to be a voice for your faith then be true…the world can smell a chump a mile away my friends. And the secular world will only, eventually embrace you if you reject your faith for them. They’ll also dump you in a minute if you return to your faith after sucking off the forbidden fruit for a while. All I’m saying is…be honest. I encourage you to continue to grow but please do listen to more modern groups in your genre and find something that isn’t just nice for the retiree’s to sing along to in Sunday morning services. You’re too young to sound so old 



  • Marv

    Hey ya'all some really sweet worship. I get it. : ) Music was made to glorify God and I believe this does just that. If people are touched, that's just a little bonus. The moment it starts to be about being presentable or marketable will cost you more than you could ever earn. Spirit and in Truth is where you want to stay.

    Thank you for openly sharing the love of God you have. There are lots of bands out there. We don't need another band per say. I have a feeling you know what I'm saying. Stay pure no matter what the cost. You're helping to cover the earth with His Glory!

  • Remixthislove

    Hi Andrew & Laura,

    I'll get back to you on Youtube so you can know who I am because you do know me. When I wrote you (on the 9th of April I think) I told you about wanting to show your song “In the Father's Arms” to my kids in youth group..

    What's so special and important about you two is that you are so sincerely following after God's heart. It's just on your faces and in your voices and the special way that you are both so humble and gentle. I know when I see a genuine worshipper or when I see someone who just wants attention.

    You both have settled spirits, quiet & calm, and content. You're genuine. You reach people now as you are. You are really about sharing the presence of God with the world.. you're shining brightly. =]

    I heard a new sound dwelling within your voices in this video, there has been a vivid increase of worship in both of you. You said you were giving your sounds back to Him and named your duet accordingly- and look at what He's doing with what you gave! Your voices are even more beautiful than I remember. I'm not just talking worldly skill. I'm talking worship that lives in us. When worship lives in you it grows beyond what you can fathom or control.

    I can bear witness with that what I saw and heard in your video tonight. How you look, how you talk, how you behave on camera, it's all gravy! Lol.. by the way I have to disagree with Brian K. Stevenson on some things because Andrew son you be straight stunner up there, you dress with authority & self-respect and that's real.

    And Laura yes you ARE CUTE! My mother says so and she's the expert which settles it.. Not that it matters but I happen to agree with her. You're like the cuddly little sister everybody never had. It's great how you and Andrew interact with each other, it shows that your relationship is ruled by peace. You're not getting irritated with each other or trying to rule over each other or upstage the one sitting next to you.

    When I showed my mother a video of you two she was blessed by the worship & had a fit of laughter at the antics. Y'all are the bomb!

    DON'T CHANGE A THING UNLESS YOU FEEL IT FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Dressing differently to please style critics and buffing out to get looked at are for people who are out to be fakes. Psh.. let them stay with that fake stuff. Y'all keep it real! That's WORD. *daps*

    The rest of this message isn't really for you two but y'all are more than welcome to read. =]

    To anyone who's curious now about the differential between worship and the music business:

    Worship is a lifestyle of love and reverence toward the Living God. This cleans out the debris that sin fills us with and causes us to take notice of those around us and care for them properly; not too much (as ruled by emotions) or too little (as influenced by selfishness) but just right.

    So when we sing a worship song, it is like what you do to honor your spouse on your anniversary; or how you woo that spouse closer. This is why we do not care about catering to a subculture's image or rules. The only rule for intimacy with God is that you live by His word. If you live by His word it will show and be evident to those who also live in this way. If you do not live this way it will be obvious to those who do; whereas in the business world people pass themselves off as a great many things when in fact what they have become is corrupt and destitute. This is sadly exceptionally true of the music business.

    NO CHRISTIAN MUSIC IS NOT SIMPLY A BUSINESS. CHRISTIAN MUSIC IS A MINISTRY AND MEANS OF SUPPORTING A MINISTRY FROM THE HEART. You can add creative gifting to it like graphic design and photography for album art and pay a person to do it but this is a means of blessing & providing for others & uniting in our gifts and callings- it is not a means of overworking genuine & sincere people and trying to bend them around our ideas of the public or make them compromise their vision to suit moneymaking interests. God blesses faithfulness, so work hard and be faithful to the Truth and your Christian music will prosper. Lie, cheat, steal, and mistreat, and you will see your personal life and music business suffer and the result of your work will be misery.

    The margin for making the cut in Christian music is not playing the gifting out toward a perceived taste versus expressing what already dwells in us; the seeds of creativity planted by God. It is what He wants to show off in us that we must let come to light from the album artwork to the vocal skills we have to the way we do fashion. The message of our music must be a whole lifestyle.. with anything else it can just be a nice sounding noise on repeat sold for a few dollars.

    The mentality that music can be forced up or ground out of people without a true love environment is what sucks the life out of creativity… we wouldn't torch or slash our shoes and expect them to last three years yet we'll sign artists and mistreat them like crazy and expect them to be sound and whole enough as people to do what they love in music and subsequently to get us a large cut of the income on their popularity. It becomes a business instead of a prospering gift.

    You need not please mankind to make a living and that is where the United States has gone afoul. We tried so hard to please man that we forgot about how to please God & love one another and look at us now, hating each other, screaming at each other and flipping each other off and trying to kill each other on the highway, having road rage over our own dangerous & inconsiderate driving methods, having drunken rages in bars, killing and stealing from and cheating on each other.. we do everything to take to the max, take, take, and take from those around us be they people or institutions or the drive-thru burger place, and yet we have nothing to eat in our hearts.. just discontent and the surety that something is missing.

    No one has the decency to care anymore. The most popular response I hear from people about a given issue is “I don't care.”

    Speaking of not caring..
    We can always improve in the natural but the important part, the part the world cannot understand, is what we do in worship. We don't care what we look like or what it looks like to other people. We are simply expressing love & adoration to the Father from the heart and in turn the carryover from that is to love and respect mankind better every moment that we share.

  • James Herkes Securicor


    You guys are fantastic! Your music has given me so much pleasure.

    I follow you guys on Youtube, please keep uploading :)

    God Bless,