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Our Most Popular Vocal Coach Articles Ever!

Our Most Popular Vocal Coach Articles Ever!Here are Voice Council’s most popular articles by our trusted and renowned vocal coaches.

3 Steps To Begin Vocal Harmonizing

3 Steps to Begin Vocal Harmonizing

Celebrity vocal coach, Lisa Popeil says that although singing by ear is natural for many, for others it may be a bit of a mystery.

First you must have a precise handle on the melody, then you can go exploring!

She explains how you can think of harmonies as a ‘musical sandwich’ by following the melody shape a couple of notes above or below.

Make Your Voice Work – the Right Way

Make Your Voice Work – the Right Way

International Estill Voice Craft expert, Anne-Marie Speed gave us an exclusive interview last year.

She says over-breathing, under-hydrating, and bad posture are the biggest issues for singers’ technical development.

She also shared her story of being personally mentored by one of the most influential voice researchers – Jo Estill herself.

The Theory Behind the Vocal Tone You Want

The Theory Behind the Vocal Tone You Want

Voice rehab specialist, Joan Lader explains the work of Estill further in this article.

She explains how important it is that we understand how the voice works, so we can control our sound and our artistry.

We can move our larynx and pharynx in so many ways to create the tone and timbre we desire.

5 Essential Facts About Your Vocal Range

5 Essential Facts About Your Vocal Range

Lisa Popeil returned last year to give us some facts about range.

She tells us how we can improve and stretch our range with exercises, but assures us that range is not equated with talent!

It is important, she says, that we know and understand our vocal limitations and work with what we have naturally.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Singing

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Singing

Choir leader, Juliet Russell lays out some pure and simple singing advice.

She warns that singers tends to over complicate matters, and instead we should rely on intuition and feeling.

When you fully engage your mind and body you can achieve anything!

This Month’s Singing Competition Entries

VoiceCouncil's Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Rony Berrebi Rony Berrebi - Gold on White

Well, congratulations on creating such a slick and professional video, and you were obviously connected to the meaning of the song throughout your performance. There was some jaw and tongue tension which was making your diction a bit cloudy. Here’s something you can try: roll your tongue around your teeth – until it really aches! Then massage your jaw, temples and cheeks. This will enable you to open your vowel shapes more (particularly on the lyric “ba ba da”) and will make your vowel dipthongs (2 vowels together like the word “meow”) much clearer. You may find this reduction in tension will make your high notes feel easier too.

VoiceCouncil's Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Ingrid Beaujean Ingrid Beaujean - Lullaby of Birdland

You have a very pretty voice and you are clearly very comfortable with jazz – including some great scatting and improvisation! You chose to flip between a breathy high voice and a lower cleaner voice throughout. This may have been more effective if used occasionally rather than as a default. You could try cleaning up those top notes by practicing sirens, then try this: keep the ‘ng’ at the back of the mouth while mouthing the lyrics. A breathy tone is beautiful but can be very tiring and drying for your voice. It is always good to have a clean tone as default then choose to add breath as an effect.

Why I chose Ingrid Beaujean as a Finalist

We have chosen Ingrid to go through to the next round because of her soothing, skillful jazz singing and display of improvisation – a difficult skill in itself.

VoiceCouncil's Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Sasa Jakelic Sasa Jakelic - Caruso

You have such a beautifully balanced voice, with great control! Your use of cry and breath during the quieter sections were very effective and conveyed the emotion of the song very well. Those strong notes towards the end were show stopping and appeared effortless! Your vibrato was well developed and you had just the right amount of ‘squillo’ or twang to project your voice too. We would love to see you perform standing up in full show mode without the lyrics.

Why I chose Sasa Jakelic as a Finalist

We are choosing Sasa as a finalist because he is a masterful singer who has refined control and emotional expression.

VoiceCouncil's Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Beth O'Reilly Beth O'Reilly - The Sharpest Lives

You had a great energy throughout your performance. If you are regularly posting on YouTube, you may want to think about your ‘stage’ to really catch people’s eye. Some fairy lights on a blank wall would do it! Vocally, your breathy tone caused you to run out of breath a few times, and you let it show on your face. Try this: breathe in a lot before the phrase, keep a good posture and see how long you can go before re-tanking. Or you could slow down the song and give yourself designated breath points. Or you could clean up your tone to stop so much air leaking out by using glottal onsets. If you were sitting in that video, try standing for more vocal and breath control.

VoiceCouncil's Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Laura Stavinoha Laura Stavinoha - Inside My Love

That was a wonderful performance! You played the keys very well, and chose a gorgeous tone. Good job on keeping good posture throughout – something keyboard players often struggle with. Your vocal tone was right on for that sweet soul vibe with a lovely twang/cry quality, and your use of backing vocals via an effects pedal (?) were well placed and effective. Our suggestion is that you spend a bit more energy singing your phrases through to the end before you allow breath to overtake your tone. By rounding off your words clearly and purposefully you will have more impact and energy. It is easy to relax diction when singing a song as smooth as this.