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Overcome Singing Constriction

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VoiceCouncil Magazine presents “Coached” – in this episode Juno nominated rock star Katie Rox tackles vocal constriction with the help of Speech-Language Pathologist Shelagh Davies.

  • Jmill0773

    Wow, this helped me SO much

  • Chris Davies

    Thanks Katie for being a very unselfish and brave guinea pig!

  • Al Andrew

    Katie Rox is still straining ! This vocal coach knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve effortless tone !

  • Kathy

    If she makes it through her next string of shows and her voice stays healthy, then I guess we’ll know she wasn’t straining.  If she still has problems, then there may still me more work to do..

  • max batista

    nice material too. 
    bully !

  • Clayton Tseu

    I have the same problem with constriction on the higher notes. I WISH I could do what Speech-Language Pathologist suggests, but I can’t for the LIFE of me do a “Tongue-Trill”. So what now?? If I can’t do a “Tongue-trill” does that mean I cannot overcome my constriction?? Lol …

  • Gaurav

    The Jaw Drop technique really helped me a lot! Just letting the jaw drop gently created much more room at the back of the throat and i could hit the higher notes without actually feeling constricted. Thank you so much Shelagh! :)