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Paco – Rockin’ In The Free World cover

I’ve been singing since high school on a self-learn basis. I would have like to have some coaching but budget and time never met. I have read Mark Baxter, Jaime Vendera, Robert Lunte and Melissa Cross, I have seen their videos and I have tried to develop with this helpful material a way to sing hard vocals without harm. At present I am lead vocals with the post-grunge band Under Proud and the hard rock band Web Ones. You can check my songs with these bands in my Reverbnation profile (www.reverbnation.com/santolaya). For many years I dreamt about doing a living out of this. Now I have a ”normal job” that pays my bills and I am happy to perform for the pleasure of doing so. I always try to record my rehearsals for private review. In this video you can see me (with Web Ones’s lead guitarrist) preparing a cover of the great Neil Young’s ”Rockin’ in the free world”. I am using TC Helicon’s Voice Live for a second voice in th e chorus. I know you will find a lot of ”bugs” in this video, but this is what rehearsing is for, isn´t it? I will strongly appreciate your input to fix these bugs.

  • Thank you, Voice Council, for this exposure. I do hope to get other singers input. Yeah!!!