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Pat Fultz – Pretty Woman cover

  • KowBoy Tom

    Pat Fultz, good. You’re ready for the open mic circuit. Playing
    live at open mics will take your presentation to the next level. Go for it!
    Oh, and if that’s a Martin guitar, never – ever – put anything to cover the

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Gary

    You are doing pretty good for only playing for 2 years (I think you said). Good rhythm and timing. I like it!

  • Hiya Pat,
    Nice setup!  Sounds good and you look comfortable playing.  Just a thought…since you’ve got such great gear, how about jacking into your mixer to create some track separation?  You’re definitely fun and on key and Roy’s a tall order to cover!  I think we could hear you better if things were mixed better…backing track’s a lil’ brash.  All in all, very fun and enjoyable!
    Brian Stevenson