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Patrizio Pierattini – Sky Blue – Comfortably Numb (Cover)

Bio: Hello, I am a singer from Italy: we have a band called “SkyBlue”; I’d like to share with you our performances, and have comments and reviews about our music, my singing, and my english pronunciation….I really Love what we do…..Enjoy it!!! :-D Patrizio & SkyBlue

  • I LOVED THIS!! Great job! You guys have a future

  • Hello!

    I'm not much for covers but this is an interesting take on a great classic. You switched it up nicely with some new tech! Your lead vocalist has a robust register and I really like the way the guitarist's voice sounds on backing vox. Good job guys! You're interesting enough that I would like to have heard an original :)



  • I’m so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.