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Paul Shoebridge – Worried Man – Paolo Nutini Cover

Bio: upload covers to youtube as a hobbie also write my own songs but didn’t upload any yet looking for feedback first thanks

  • Hi Paul!

    I first heard this song performed by the Kingston Trio, when digging through my Pop's old folk records. You definitely have retained a good portion of the song's authentic value. Good job! Not sure if you added the grainy video effect on purpose but I like it. The video bit rate may need to be advanced though as it pixel-ates quite a bit throughout the performance. However, you play and sing well at the same time and I especially appreciate that you were careful not to overrun yourself with the guitar. You have a good sense of natural dynamics between you and your instrument.

    Now, this is only my opinion, but I immediately knock off points for covers…a personal preference. While I feel doing covers is a great way to connect with writing styles you love and good practice for better understanding song arrangements, I feel it does very little in distributing how creative you are. Now, if you had posted a really innovative remix I might feel differently. I forged this opinion over time. In my early twenties I had a band that became very popular but we started out as a retro 80s, synth-pop, cover band then eventually gained respect as an original band.

    My greatest hardship then was getting those Class-A, original, venues to respect us as legitimate artists. Many of them knew we had a large fan base, and had even seen us perform, but straight up told me “We don't support cover bands,” and derived that we were a tight outfit because we played out so much. To this day I can't help but feel that they were also short sighted but I couldn't convince them of that as they had made up their mind about me before I ever tried to book those gigs.

    Your bio is short and sweet and you did let us know right-off-the-bat that you post covers and like working originals…but, you're waiting for feedback first. Well, the most honest way to acquire this feedback is to forward an honest submission. Send one of your own and let's see where your creativity is at? If you are concerned that you might have a couple of good hooks but nothing definitive yet, start by analyzing the arrangement of something like “Worried Man.” It's a good style for ya' so, heck, copy their arrangement for now.

    Place your intro, verses, choruses, and bridge where they place their's. If something seems wrong, write a new part that really fits well!!! I think you've got a good look, sound, and plenty of youth on your side. You only have to decide whether or not your committed to becoming a professional artist or simply doing this for fun. Both are great avenues so long as your honest with yourself about what you really want from music. Keep at it Brother Paul!



  • I really like your energy and confidence!! keep strumming! you sound good :)

  • Libbys39

    thank you for your feed back although i always except be it positive or negative critiscm dear god help me i dont bever rerember feeling so close to killling myself as i do now



  • Paulshoebridge1

    cant find blog you had man