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Perfecting Your Vocal Improvs?

This week we’re looking at vocal improvisation.

As musicians, our ability to break out into spontaneous and artistic improvisation is an essential tool in our arsenal. However, assured improvisation requires conviction and belief in your own musicality, alongside a stong dose of confidence and the ability to simply ‘go with it’ and see what happens. This week at Voice Council we’d like to know if you’ve found any great tips for mastering the illusive art of improv? Or is it just a case of practice makes perfect.

So the question is: Vocal improvising is often one of the most important tools in the singers arsenal, what advice would you give to a singer looking to build their skills in this area?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Which song/album sums up the year 2013 for you & why?

Boulent Mustafa commented…

“Jess King’s ‘Own It’, as it’s such a motivational number”.

Memeth Astrodog wrote…

“Midlife Crisis by Faith No More. Turning 35 is hard”.

Dee Dee responded…

“Jessie j’s ‘Alive’ album”.

Freya Astrella posted…

“Don’t Give Hate a Chance – Jamiroquai. Saw them live this summer plus I have had my fair share of haters and drama this year”!

Some great responses this week guys, as always! Don’t forget to tune into next week’s Q&A.

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