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Posture for the Vocalist

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Posture for the Vocalist

Vocal Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist Dane Chalfin urges singers to focus on ‘evidence’ not ’eminence’ when seeking voice training.

  • lindab

    Hi, Dane~
    I agree with you for the most part and find that helping singers to gain/experience freedom in the head and neck is often more a matter of loosening muscles, so that they can lengthen and so that the head may find its exquisite balance point at the top of the spine. This creates readiness for movement from a position of balanced stability. It also has a ripple effect through the rest of the torso and legs, helping us to experience the pull and support of the earth, our home. 
    Anyway…thank you for this. I am going to pass it on to my students. Hope to see more of you on the site. 

  • Bonhilda

    I have been trying to do this all day long for the past three days and my neck muscles are soooo sore. How long will it take for them to build enough strength and endurance to support this posture without so much effort and pain?