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Vocal Practice with a Strict Regime?

This week we’re looking at practice regimes & how they can help us develop as singers.

Deep down at some level, we are all creatures of habit. With many of us leading busy lives structure and routine are simply essential if we are to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. However, can the same really be said for our approach towards vocal training? As singing comes so natural to us it’s easy to adopt a more relaxed approach to practice, but often a strict regimen can be the key to the greatest advances in our development. This week we’d like to hear your thoughts on targeted practice and hear what your approach to practice is.

So the question is: When practicing do you have a set regime or framework you always work to, or do you simply go wherever the mood takes you?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As a singer, how do you use dynamics to create colour and interest in your performances?

Maria RK M wrote…

“By using techniques and acting! It’s the tones, the crescendos the way you alter your larynx for different parts of a song (Estill) always read your song lyrics and listen to the story and create a character before singing the song”!

Kathleen Connell commented…

“Dynamic control is via breath pressure. Controlling the flow of air gives you greater dynamic variants. Your abdominal muscles are very active in this skill. Deciding where the climax of a song is often gives you an idea of what the writers had in mind for dynamics”.

Freya Astrella posted…

“I like to experiment with my voice. I use a lot of stupid little character voices, distortion, LOTS of range!! Vibrato, onsets/offsets. My friend once described me as a singer ‘with lots of voices in 1 voice”.

Emma Curtis Responded…

“You don’t think about using dynamics for colour’ etc. You work to get a great technique so that your voice really works for you, and then you sing from the heart”.

Thanks for yet another great week of comments and insights. Check out next week Q & A for more scintillating discussion.

See you soon, C x