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Prarthana Kalmath – Begin Again cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Donna McElory:

Such a precious vocal sound!! I think you are distracted by the guitar playing and it steals all the priceless joy from your presentation. Work on your voice!! It is worth the time you will invest, and the guitar skills will evolve as you grow as an artist. The voice is already vital and strong enough to merit your full attention: scales, breathing exercises, warm ups, do it all! You are a true singer!!

Prarthana’s Bio:

I’m an aspiring singer/songwriter and I just need a chance to make all my dreams come true :)

  • sue morelli

    Hi Prarthana

    I was glad to see your video. I am not sure how old you are but I am not that old either I think we might be close in age.

  • Guest

    Hi Prarthana

    The review that says Sue Morelli is mine it is posted under my mom’s name sorry I am new to this website and didn’t realize I was under her name because I am technically a minor ;)

  • Okay the guest review is mine think I fixed it……SING ON!!