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Producers and Managers Praise the Ultimate Guide to Singing

Producers and Managers Praise the Ultimate Guide to SingingWe knew that singers would like The Ultimate Guide for Singing – we wrote it for them, after all.

But we didn’t expect we would get so much feedback on it from Producers and Venue Managers!

Steve Rubie is the owner of the 606 Club, the biggest employer of jazz and blues bands in the UK – here’s his valuable wisdom for singers:

“In my experience (over 30 years and counting of booking music from Jazz, Soul and R&B to Gospel, Rock, Indie and Blues) having talent and a good voice is just the beginning.


“In addition to this, in order to be an effective performer, a singer needs to learn basics, such as singing consistently in tune (sounds obvious but over the years…), conveying the story of the song with passion and belief and just as importantly learning their stage craft.

“This includes how to talk to the audience to make sure they are included, microphone technique, both live and in the studio, picking the right song and just as importantly the correct key.

“Then, once you’ve mastered all that the singer needs to chose the right band for them and then go out and get work!

“This book is the first I’ve come across that covers every aspect of the complex business of being a professional musician in one volume.


“Not only does it cover the many and varied aspects of how to do it all, but it is explained clearly and succinctly by those who have already achieved success in this most difficult and competitive of fields. Highly recommended.”

Finally a quote from Rus Harrison, Producer:

“Wow…what a compendium of information- the stuff of which I would have died for back in the day!!

“These days I am producing other young singers and songwriters who pick up your volume  from our studio coffee table on a daily basis, before and after recording, and are frequently impressed that they have learnt something valuable whilst in our studio!! Well done to all who contributed.”The Ultimate Guide to Singing

-Rus Harrison, Producer, Croosh Alley Studio, London

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