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Professional Show-Off

Forget who you are AND remember who you are–says Shlomo

Are you a show-off?

Something about being a performer gives you the urge to step onstage and show people what you can do.

Performers often seem wildly extroverted when they do their thing, but they can also be quite shy, softly spoken souls when they step out of the spotlight –myself included.

My Show-Off History

I’ve been a show-off since I was a toddler.

One of my earliest childhood memories is being about 3 years old, belly dancing at my Arabic grandmother’s party.

I remember this myriad of lovely old aunties singing, clapping and smiling, encouraging me to so the same.

To them I was the center of the world; they treated me like I was the most beautiful human being who ever lived (I can still feel the sore cheeks from all the pinching).

That was it. I was a performer.

A Mixed Blessing

Being a show-off can be a great thing, but more often than not it can be a mixed blessing.

I remember being constantly told off by my dad for my incessant hyperactivity.

He would always ask me, “Who are you trying to impress?”.

Sometimes it felt like I could never switch it off.

When I was 9 years old I had my first taste of fame and glory: I played a drum solo at the school concert.

The next day everyone in the school wanted to be my friend.

I went from being the awkward four-eyed geek kid to being cool –literally overnight.

Your Show Off Self in Check

I don’t know about you, but for me performing is the ultimate escapism.

When you are up on that stage, nothing else matters.

You are in control. You are invincible. You can be whoever you want to be – these people don’t really know who you are, they just want to be amazed.

This can be a dangerous thing – you can forget who you are.

For me it’s a constant battle to remember that it’s ok to just be yourself – you don’t have to impress everyone all the time.


My Reactions To This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Claire Bender – Amy Winehouse Cover

Claire, I love it that you’re enjoying the performance; this gives you a great presence. I’d love to see more variation in dynamics to showcase a bit more light and shade in your vocal performance and keep it interesting.

Pat Meruseye – Trevor Hall Cover

Your voice sounds great, really relaxed. It was lovely when you moved up the octave and gave the piece a lift of energy. I’d like to see more of a build up to this moment, so we can feel the intensity of the performance building, and then we are anticipating –really ready for the lift. You’re guaranteed, then, to create a tingly moment.


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