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Promote Your Holiday Gig


Make the most of your performance opportunities at the end of the year –says Jennifer Truesdale

Santa’s not the only one coming to town – the holiday season brings singers special opportunities for making music.

In addition to club/pub gigs, many people hire musicians for private parties and events.

Over the next three weeks we’ll look at how you can maximize your promotion, income and performance energy as we come to an exciting end of the year.

Today, here are some tips on promoting your holiday event:


Turn your gig into a holiday event. Everyone loves a party, especially around the holidays. Rather than promoting the gig as just a regular gig, promote it as a holiday event. (“Mike’s first annual holiday bash!”)

Send out a “Save the Date” announcement.
The holidays are a super busy time of year for people. Parties, family commitments and work events can fill up calendars fast. To get your gig on those calendars before they fill up, try sending out a “save the date” announcement to your friends and fans a minimum of 4 weeks before your gig.

Promote your gigs well. In addition to being extra busy, people also tend to be a bit forgetful during the holidays. After you’ve sent out your “save the date” announcement, reminders are a good idea. This is especially important for club/pub gigs. Send follow-up e-mails 2-weeks before the gig, 1-week before the gig and then again the day of.


Don’t rely on social media to promote your gigs. Social media is great, but don’t depend on it. Your friends and followers may not check their newsfeeds as often during the holidays and your gig invite could easily be missed. Send e-mails to your mailing list, make phone calls and tell people in person. Remember that for club/pub gigs, the venue is relying on YOU to fill the room.

Tune in next week for tips on handling Money at your Holiday Gig.

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Jennifer Truesdale is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, music career coach, published songwriter, former staff member at one of the largest independent record labels in the US, and is the Director of Chick Singer Night, Boston. She teaches and mentors a very active studio of aspiring musical artists.

  • Denise Banks-Grasedyck

    These are great tips especially for musicians who are just starting out and may not have developed a sense of keeping the business side of music in focus.
    I have many musicians friends, and I know this article is also an excellent reminder for seasoned musicians since being sought after can have seasonal tendencies. Those who ensure they are getting extra exposure during the high season are more likely to remain busy when the holiday season has passed.

  • Fay

    I can use this advice for thinking about speaking gigs too!! Promotion is so important!!

  • wendikelly

    Excellent tips.Especially the one about not relying on Social Media for communication. We can tend to get lazy and forget there are other ways to keep in touch. Thanks!

  • Elaine Wellman

    Jennifer this is such simple clear advice. I’m sure it will help a lot of performers. So often we focus on our craft and fall short on getting the word out. To share our gifts with the world we must toot our own horn!

  • Wanda Baader

    Very sound advice Jennifer. I definitely agree that you need
    to use that mailing list as well as social media and that repetition is the key
    with a solid marketing plan. Also, being creative and creating excitement are
    important when trying to get people’s attention this time of year. Contests,
    giveaways and utilizing videos could also help to make a performer stand out.

  • Jill Place

    Great advice! I just attended/sang at an event that was the best attended ever. Because we promoted the heck out of it. Looking forward to your follow-up blogs and more ideas.

  • Jennifer Truesdale

    That’s great Jill, well done!!