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Proper Sound – Come Fly With Me cover

Vocal Coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

Wow! Really nice! Excellent intonation, with nice style and chords blending beautifully! Fine individual voices across the board! Nice lead! Feel free to choreograph the “buzz” (important) words even a bit more. Of course, that’s easier selling to a live audience rather than in a room in front of live mics. Also, you can treat the “asides” (“up and away.” Let’s get away”) a bit lighter, like echoes. Starting sustained notes on words (“Let’s “ (Up) there”) slightly lighter allows them to build a bit more into a natural crescendo for impact. Flinging the “l” in words like “fly, “blue” and “flood,”” allows the vowels to project and coordinate attack into the notes. On releases, making them rhythmic, even if you decrescendo can really provide even more swing and crisp releases. But’s that’s being picky. Really enjoyed your performance!! Good Luck and hope to hear you “out there.”

  • Julien Sardon

    Nice Job , nice harmonics ! Your 4 different voices match quite well ! Actually I was expecting more “expression marks” , and more “highlights” and “emphasis” in the lyrics pronounciation !
    Good Job guys :)