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Quick Breathing Exercises for Singing

These 7 quick exercises will make your breathing intuitive, simple and reduce tension – says Brett Manning

Today, Vocal Coach in Residence Brett Manning shares how to get your voice relaxed through these simple breathing exercises.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Kita Kita – “Wide Open” (Original)

A ‘real’ R & B artist with believable runs. Would like to hear more depth of vocal sound. A stronger chest voice; add more resonance. Currently the voice is head dominated and the pitch, though usually spot on, can tend to slip in places. But I loved your overall quality. Very free and relaxed.

James Legros James Legros – “Skyfall” by Adele (Cover)

Sky fall video was pleasant. Decent arrangement. Voice sounds like it hasn’t settled yet, nor is it under control. But there was something distinctive and likable about your sound already. Made me remember when my voice first changed and I had to get used to this whole new instrument.

Vaughn Kristonne Vaughn Kristonne – “If I Believed” (Cover)

The voice general works very easily, but intonation and control are badly needed. I’ve heard singers who’ve struggled far more than you and have learned to ‘lock on’ to pitches. You’re the kind of singer who’se passion will drive you – the kind of singer that I like to work with and demonstrate that anyone can learn control.

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world. His “Singing Success” program has made global strides in the way people learn how to sing. Brett’s uncanny ability to “see with his ears” allows him to identify exactly what is happening inside a singer’s voice. www.SingingSuccess.com

  • Poppa Madison

    Brett mate, thanks for the breathing exercises. They will fit in nicely with my 2K morning run!

    OK …so may I offer you a cost-free incentive in return for an opinion?

    Here ’tis. You get to listen to the MP3 of my most recent Christmas Song composition for free instead of having to fork out to download it. In return for which I ask you to give me a brief opinion and vocal analysis to let me know “what is happening inside my voice”.

    Reason I would like to know is because my vocal drive tends to vary during time periods. One week I may be able to readily put a nice warm tone with a bit of vibrato here and there…..then the next it may be lost into the infinite and I struggle to get a half decent timbre. Mind you I do suffer continuously from Hay Fever(due to the sub-tropical climate I live in- Queensland Australia) which causes problems with mucous in the larynx.

    Anyways Brett, whether or not you choose to give me the feedback I have asked for, I am putting my song up on soundcloud.com for a week so that you and indeed all of my fellow forum members can have a geek and listen in for free before it goes for online prepaid downloads only.

    It’s called “Sunshine Christmas!” and was written so as to share with those who live in very cold climates, what it’s like to have Christmas in 45 degrees Celsius, which we do in places in Australia.
    By the way, all of the voices are mine with my TCHelicon Voicelive Play
    GTX having carried out the “gender bending”…….so I guess this may confuse the analysis for you somewhat ?

    A Merry Christmas and all the best to one and all !


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