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Quincy Joules – 18 and Life (cover)

Hey there! I’m Quincy, I go to college at the U of Scranton for Physics/Education. I have crazy energy, I’m very optimistic, and I play guitar/bass in a rock band (Eye on Attraction) and I plan to put together my own side project sometime! :D Nice to meet you!

  • Hi Quincy,

    Well you’ve got the look! In it’s current approach, this song seem out of your range and your pitch wavers quite a bit. Guitar sounds good. Try dropping the tuning of your guitar, to place it into a register that is more comfortable for where you sing best.



  • Louie Ongpauco

    Hello Quincy,

    I’m no expert, but I think I agree with Brian, drop the tuning of your guitar, i’m sure you’ll nail it. Awesome guitar playing. Hope to hear from you again.


  • Maybe slow down on the rock character, and focus more on the delivery of the notes, especially during the sustain notes. When you have this with good control, then you can add the rock spice!