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Rachel Lahr – All of the Stars cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Donna McElroy:

I loved that you took Ed Sheeran’s song and changed the key to fit your range; you had no fear in your expression! You should continue to work on your guitar chops; try standing and breathing in tempo as you practice your comping on the guitar. First long breaths, then half of that, then half again, combining relaxation with muscle memory, to avoid stealing energy from the song!
Good luck building on breath control and tempo establishment!

Rachel’s Bio:

About five years, I taught myself guitar in order to accompany my true passion: singing. Music and songwriting are parts of me that I never intend to let go.

  • Amadhia

    Beautiful, sweet sound to your voice! Great pitch accuracy, and wonderful pathos!

    Well done!

  • Julien Sardon

    I ENJOYED it !! I feel a real authenticity through your interpretation !
    I remember one of the tips that my singing teacher gave me : “I don’t want to hear you breathing” “your breath must be court ” !! and Actually it worked !! If you do exercices for singing technic , just try to take your air, silently, and quickly (this is a small movement which is just meant to make you supply a little air , not more of that )
    I like your voice ! it’s warm ! thanks

  • Megan Collins

    Lovely tone to your voice! I really enjoyed this cover and especially your emotional portrayal. :)

  • I think you sing beautifully but I get the feeling you have much more to give then you do in the song in the way of power and volume? I get the impression you are holding back and you should let yourself go!

  • Gail Attard

    you have one of those voices that makes me emotional :)