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Ray Cridland – At the Dark End of the Day

I wrote this song about a soldier, his wife, a picture and a prayer. I write songs to satisfy my desire for music, Hope you enjoy. Ray

  • Antonyslater191

    Amazing ray, keep up the good work. Never give up on your dreams.

  • Hiya’ Ray,
    I’m an American War Veteran, so thanks for the dedication.  So, I feel kind of bad dinging ya’ for anything but that is what this about right…helping each other?  Ray ya’ seem a lil’ nervous…when ya’ start to strum your guitar I can tell you begin to let go.  “Dive into the fray,” as we say in the military.  You have plenty of talent, ya’ just have to commit to the mission my friend.  Keep up the hard work and keep sharing.  Many thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brian.
    Thank you for your comment. I understand what you are saying.
    Making the recording was a bit nerve wracking for me as it seemed a bit clinical.
    I did not intend to play guitar along with the recording as I wanted to put more feeling into it.
    However when I played it back and saw the size of my stomach i thought I should try and hide it with the guitar :-)
    This was my first attempt but will try and improve.
    Look after yourself and thanks for the comment.