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Reach Higher Notes With Less Tongue Tension

Reach Higher Notes With Less Tongue Tension
When your tongue becomes tight and tense – it will decrease your resonance and range.

Just try these simple exercises for “unwinding” tongue root tension – just watch this video and try it yourself:

Caz Jones is a singer currently at London’s Academy of Contemporary Music.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Amadhia Amadhia - Skyfall (Cover)

What a unique and interesting tone. Yet, you seems to lack power, particularly in the upper register. I would suggest you try some more “twang” based exercises to allow greater connection of the vocal cords in beyond your first passaggio. Singing the melody on more aggressive sounds like a nasal “nay” or adding a cry presence to a “muhm” sound will give you a greater sensation of this.

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Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil has established an exciting position in the UK music scene as a contemporary/pop vocal coach, whilst also singing with an impressive array of artists such as Michael Buble, Nelly, Lemar, Josh Groban and Jocelyn Brown, to name a few. Heading up the vocal department at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), developing some of the country’s most exciting new talent, he has also worked, both coaching and scouting on two seasons of BBC’s hit programme, The Voice.

  • Rey David Maldonado

    Great exercise Thanks!

  • Dede de Vries

    Comments disappeared ?
    A few days ago, a comment was here which had lots of questions about Jono ‘ s method.
    Dear ‘ admin’ , has it been removed by you ?

    Dede de Vries

  • Editor

    Hi – nope nothing removed :-) we love questions and plurality. You may be thinking of another video?

  • Dede de Vries

    Indeed, it was the vc magazine of october 8th.
    There is an interesting comment on Jono’s method of teaching.
    What is the reaction of VoiceCouncil Magazine ?

    Dede de Vries

  • Editor

    Hi Dede – (i) we think that Jono is just an awesome coach. I think our readers will see this from all of his work – and the posts yet to come (ii) as to the specific comment you refer to, there was a lack of clarity in the criticism and we’ll invite those with technique know-how to comment. So, watch this space. All best wishes.

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