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Ready to Rock?

Shlo asks, “Does your pre-performance routine have to be just right?”

The big day has finally arrived.

You’ve been looking forward to this performance for weeks.

Tonight you have a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills, your voice, your songs.

Everyone is going to be there. Maybe it will even be broadcast live on TV or online. But are you ready?

It’s hard to know if you are truly ready to perform; ideally you will be calm and collected, focused and confident.

Your voice will be warmed up, and you won’t have to think about the performance too much – it will just flow.

Overdosing on the Pre-Perf. Routine?

Everyone has a different pre-performance routine.

I’ve met many performers and each one seems to have their own special formula for the pre-show build up.

Some people absolutely must eat a hot meal exactly 90 minutes before show time.

Others can’t even look at food until afterwards.

Over the years I found myself getting quite specific about my routine. I’d get upset if I didn’t get it exactly right.

If I didn’t get at least one hour to sound-check, followed by a hot meal, a shower, a quiet moment to collect my thoughts, a chance to warm up and get hyped up, followed by the sound of a crowd screaming my name, there would be trouble.

No Longer Obsessing

But recently I had to learn to survive without my little rituals.

I did a one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every night for four weeks with 20 minutes to changeover between shows. There was no time to be fretting about getting the correct temperature of bottled water or that the peppermint tea wasn’t organic.

I realised that all of this fuss is a distraction from the task at hand –something to take your mind off the performance.

Maybe it’s better to stress about a bottle of water than to stress about messing up the show.

But I still need to eat a hot meal before the show. After all, the food is the best thing about travelling!

My Reactions to this Week’s Peer Review Vids

Kelsie Simpson –“Cry Me a River” (Cover)

Kelsie, you’re a really confident performer; you sing boldly and with an authority beyond your years. I like your conviction in the bridge and towards the end particularly. I’d like to encourage you to take this even further. You can show even more conviction and emotion in the lyrics – this song is about someone who has cried and cried about a breakup. So sing it like you mean it!

Kareen: California King Bed (Cover)

Kareen: great passion and conviction. I think you can make more of the contrast between the verse and the chorus. Bring it right down for the quiet verse, let it really build and grow throughout the pre-chorus and then really go for it during the chorus. I’d also like to see you put more of your own touches into the singing style. Rihanna sings it in her way; I think you can make it more of your own Kareen-style!


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