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Do You Really Want To Be Famous?

Do You Really Want To Be Famous?
Searching for fame can be a real task master, if you don’t love the thing that you’re doing -says Aaron Anastasi.

There are a lot of articles that plot the path to fame in terms of industry connections, contracts and writing a hit song.

There is, however, another side to the pursuit of fame.

Seasoned vocalist, actor and creator of Superior Singing Method, Aaron Anastasi, focuses on the inner process when coaching singers about fame.

It Takes Work

“If you tell me you want to be famous,” says Anastasi, “I would say, ‘Yes, it’s possible for you, and it will take ten times as much work as you think it will’.”

You are going to have to work harder than anyone you know

He doesn’t say this to discourage singers, but because acceptance of this reality will help them stay on their path.

“You are going to have to work harder than anyone you know,” he tells singers when they ask how to become famous.

He says pursuing fame means you are saying, “I want to work at this 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.”

“Overnight” Successes Happen Slowly

Anastasi tells VoiceCouncil one of the realities of fame is that it can take a long time.

He uses actor Steve Carell’s story as an example, reminding us how his film star success started with the blockbuster hit 40 Year Old Virgin.

Fans and reporters claim he “came out of nowhere” and he was an “overnight success,” but Carell always sets them straight saying, “No, actually, I was grinding out clubs as a comic for 14 years before that.”

Anastasi talks to singers about Steve Carrel because he wants them to expect that it can take a decade of hard work to reach the level of mastery and success so many performers dream of.

Love The Training Side

Hand holding a microphone

Do you love singing? Yes? Then you’ll do it every day

“Searching for fame can be a real task master, if you don’t love the thing that you’re doing,” says Anastasi, which means you must love the training process.

“The reality is that achieving your singing goals will represent 2% of the time you spend in music while the other 98% percent will be spent getting there.”

If you don’t love the process of striving towards your dream of fame, then singing may not be the thing for you.

“Do you love singing?” says Anastasi, “Yes? Then you’ll do it every day.”

Know Your Reasons

Anastasi says he challenges singers to understand the reason behind their desire for fame.

He often hears singers say, “I need to make a living doing this, because that will make me worthy.”

The most common reasons for wanting fame he says, come from a need for one of the following things:

  • Validation
  • Love
  • Money
  • Influence

When these desires can be met through other means, a singer can feel satisfied sooner, and look at their goal of fame more objectively.


If a singer is really looking for love, Anastasi usually suggests singers go out and serve people

If a singer is really looking for love, Anastasi usually suggests singers go out and serve people.

“If you serve people,” says Anastasi, “they will love you.”

This means you can feel the satisfaction you crave in a lot less time than it would take to becomes famous.

Money Doesn’t Bring All That You Expect

Anastasi warns singers that earning money does not automatically make us feel more worthy.

Worthiness seems to be an internal hunger that money helps only superficially.

In fact, earning a pay check can sometimes snuff the joy out of singing due to the pressure and politics of the financial arrangement you are under.

Pick A Different Way To Earn Money From Music

There are many ways to make money from music, explains Anastasi. “I found an alternative way to earn a living by teaching people to sing online.”

Man holding money

Singers can find many ways to monetize their musical skill

As another example, he tells of a singer who organized successful college tours for himself which earned him $2000 per show, and then later he went on to teach others how to do it.

From teaching, to gigging, to corporate events, to product demoing – singers can find many ways to monetize their musical skill.

Fame Could Be Your Destiny

But what if you still want to be famous?

What if you are earning money, feeling loved and validated, but fame still beckons?

“There are certain singers who feel called to use music to create an impact on the world,” says Anastasi.

They want to gain influence so they can make a difference.

If you are one of those singers, if you love it enough and are prepared to work harder than anyone you know for it, then Anastasi would tell you to go for it!

Constant Training Is A Must

Singers must out-shine many others if they are to achieve their goal of being famous.

Anastasi teaches singers they must be immersed in singing constantly by training, rehearsing and performing.

He uses his acting as an example. As well as being an in-demand singing coach, Anastasi has been pursuing acting work over the past years.

He spends 20-30 hours per week training and acting – even though he is not generally doing it for pay.

Singers and actors are like athletes in that they must commit to constant training

“Many of my competitors are already acting on TV shows which means they are on set, memorizing and in work 8, 12 perhaps 16 hours a day.”

Singers and actors are like athletes in that they must commit to constant training, conditioning and technique development.

Have you done any vocal training or rehearsing today?


Aaron’s YouTube lessons on singing and life have garnered over 11.5 million views and 130,000 subscribers. A seasoned vocalist and coach, Anastasi also holds a master’s degree in theology. He is the founder of Superior Songwriting Method, Superior Singing Method, and his book, The Voice Of Your Dreams, was released in April 2016.

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  • Freya Astrella

    Absolutely love this article! Don’t pursue music ‘for your fans’, pursue music for the music. I am seeing a growing trend for narcissistic behaviour among singers with the internet and talent shows. It’s like people say “I want to be famous, how can I do it? I know, I’ll sing”. Instead people should be saying “I love to sing, I guess that means I might be famous”.

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  • Monica tapia

    I love to sing but I want people to see me sing my dream us to be up on stag and sing I have a great voice

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    I want to sing in only 13 please let my dream live😀😀

  • alex

    i love si ging and im pretty good, but im content with it as a hobby. Im a secure person, I dont need endless validation and i make good money. Im also realistic about it all.

  • Gerry

    This is my dream.. life is a living hell right now.. want to make it better,, and want the girl who will make life sweeter.. and life worth wile..