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Rebuild Me – Vincent J. Vera – Original Song

Bio: I write songs……

  • Avelyne

    Hey Vincent,
    This is a really good song!! It has a nice melody and the lyrics are really good. You sing very good and you have a nice voice to listen to :)
    Maybe next time you could move a little less ;) you move pretty much throughout your song ;) But your song is amazing!

  • JElkins

    I really enjoyed the rough character of your voice here… really solid guitar accompaniment too… nice one! Can't wait to hear what you do next…

    Best wishes,


  • Vincent!

    Ok, so I didn't expect so much soul to come out of you; shame on me = nice surprise! I can hear some blackup singers killin' it behind you during the choruses. Try visiting a gospel church sometime; you'll have a ton of fun!!! There's no doubt you get pitchy at times but I'm feelin' the heart in your voice brother, which stays strong throughout the song. Even though it's just you and a guitar, you're going at the song full throttle, from beginning to end…just a thought, perhaps relax it down a at key moments, in order to really drive the hard stuff home!



  • KidKenny

    Like your voice,
    like “the rose” keep on writing cus you have talent.