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ReConnected on Singing


This chart topping vocal group shares how they are staying on top – with their larynxes.

They first found fame on Britain’s Got Talent when they reached the final with previous band Connected.

Now Manchester pop sensations ReConnected have released their new single ‘Time Of Our Lives’ and building an incredibly strong fan base.

We’ve caught up with them in this exclusive interview to ask how they build their voices.

Name one influential singer and what it was that makes them stand out to you?
This guy is on many lists of inspirations: Michael Jackson! His vocal range and ability is just phenomenal and people don’t realize the care and love he had for his voice. The reason he spoke so softly was purely to take care of it. (Harry)

reconnectedText01What was one of the most important things you’ve ever learned about singing more effectively?
One of them has to be learning to control the transition between falsetto and chest voice as it’s a lot harder than some people may think but it is a vital skill in pulling of an emotional and dynamic live vocal performance. (Max)

What are a few ingredients that go into a memorable vocal performance?
I think you can’t just think about the big money notes but you have to think of every little word, a lot of singers forget about causing them to be flat or sharp. Also you really have to know what it is your singing about so you can give the passion and emotion that it needs! (Harry)

What are the biggest challenges you find in maintaining your vocal health?
Diet plays a big factor in my vocals. I wouldn’t recommend fizzy drinks, curries, citrus and dairy products within a couple of hours of performing. (Max)

How do you warm up?
There are many techniques I use such as sirens which is a seamless scale from the bottom of your range to the top through the transition. Any kind of chants and warm almost meditation sounds at the beginning just to warm the voice. (Harry)

What tips or tricks do you have to keep your voice in shape given busy recording schedules, live performances and tours?
If you ever get any spare time it’s always good to try and fit in some breathing exercises to sooth your voice and otherwise just rest. (Max)

What is the most important lesson you have learned about vocal health?
That you must never over-do it when rehearsing. Your voice is like any other muscle. Damage it and it will take a while for it to repair. (Matt)reconnectedText02

Have your ever worked with a professional to help maintain your singing voice?
Yes. The day I learnt to breathe properly was the day I became a different singer, a better singer. (Harry)

Some singers have good vocal health & technique but really struggle to find their unique voice. What advice would you have for them?
Always keep exploring new ways of making noise, because now and again, you will find something that sounds quite good. Don’t get me wrong you’ll find some that sound wrong but there’s always new things to find when singing. (MATT)

What kinds of exercises would you recommend for singers to try to improve different aspects of their singing? 

I would recommend sirens to improve vocal range, mixed up scales to improved intonation and flexibility, for example rather than singing a simple C, D, E, F, G and back down sing, D, G, C F,E and then in reverse. For vocal clarity and volume again I will reiterate in my cast the importance of breathing as this allows you to give much more volume and clarity as you have the ability to sustain more quality notes as you have the air in your lung, exercises such as breathe in for ten hold for ten and out for ten and as you get better at it increase the length of time. (Harry)

Do you have a final word on performing?
A memorable vocal performance for me is like a roller coaster. You have highs, lows and there’s always surprises. (MATT)

BioHarry Mondryk, Max Mondryk, and Matthew Fitzgerald are ReConnected. They have recently finished a tour supporting 2011 X Factor winners ‘Little Mix.’ and released their new single ‘Time Of Our Lives’ which has charted in the top 40 this week. Reconnected has just announced a headline tour.