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Record Everything

When a melody or line strikes you, record it asap!

I have dozens of garage band recordings that are nothing but a few lines here and there that come to me throughout the day.

You never know which one will turn into your next hit!

Same thing with lyrics.

Always have a notepad on hand so you can jot down words or ideas that might come while running errands or working.

I have found that you can’t turn creativity on or off, it will come whenever it feels like it, so be prepared!


  • M@

    Although, unfortunately, I often don’t record the idea thinking it’s so good that I’ll remember it… but I usually don’t.

  • Eric

    Sarah, thanks for mentioning this. I just recently started recording these little “tid bits” of creatvity as they come to me and so glad I have. Inspiring moments are hard to recreate. Now, I can refer back and try to get back into that “zone” and build from there. 

    Quick tip for iphone users, the standard voice memo app or other audio capture app, is a quick way to capture that creativity.

  • Hi Sarah,
    nice one. Do you have a regular process of review or a photographic memory. I have a goal of “rough tracking” 20 new songs by mid August and I normally start on a song and persevere until a “rough version” (chords, text, form) is complete.
    I am interested . . . .

    Love MattBurke.com

  • Poppa Madison

    I have been doing this on and off and more frequently of late for fifty years. Even in the loo one can be seriously interrupted by these thoughts!
    Still no hits. But I have a legacy in print and sound to leave behind if nothing else!

    As I compose music and song and do everything from concept to Mp3 production myself, for me it was learning how to better appreciate the essence and power of rhythm to give appeal to others and how to write drum parts into my scores that has made me more productive.

  • Sarah Bella

    Hi Matt! I don’t have a regular process of review, some songs just pour out and others take a bit. Each song is different. Great goal! I have a similar one :) Have fun writing 20 great songs!!

  • Iversonmatthew

    This is how I have turned out over 1000+ recordings. However, I would only let someone listen to about 50 or so of those actual recordings. I even find the stuff I wrote 20 years ago and go back through it and decide I like it again… recordings are the best for that. I am now doing the same thing with recording the video to it as well.. mainly so I can see what I was doing and remember it faster.