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You CAN Record and Release Your Own Album

RoRo Diamante looking at the camera

RoRo (Rochelle) Diamante is a leading light on YouTube who has penned and produced her own solo album.

She explains how she learned to listen to heart and her voice and ended up with studio magic.

What advice would you have for emerging artists who want to make a record?
Just do it! We can always make excuses or put a bunch of obstacles in our way that make us think we can’t do that one thing we want to do. I created this album from scratch all by myself with no knowledge of production whatsoever! I knew how to write music but I didn’t know how to produce. But it was what I needed to do.

Describe the process behind your debut album?
It took me about 10 months to create “Release”. Just me, myself and I in my little home studio! This album came about at a time when I was fresh out of a management contract and record deal so I wanted some time to be by myself and listen to my heart. There were just magical moments when I knew that a song was “the one” for the album and I just followed those moments.

How was your experience recording and listening back to your voice?
Just myself in my home studio… I was WAY more critical of my vocals than when I’m collaborating with another producer. I’ve been in recording booths since I was 10 years old so it’s something that’s always been exciting for me.

How challenging is it to replicate studio vibes live on stage?
It’s two completely different vibes. For me personally, I’m very relaxed and comfy in a recording booth. But on stage, I’m excited and in this performance zone. It’s like I’ve entered another dimension. I love them both.

What role does social media play in your career?
Social media not only lets people know when I’m doing something new but it lets them come along for the journey so that they were a part of it as well.

How important is branding for recording artists?
People need to know who you are and what you’re all about so they know what they’re getting into. When it’s clear who you are, you can create super fans who are dedicated to your brand.

How about videos?
Videos make it easy to spread the word about upcoming things in your career. And you have opportunities to attract new fans through your video’s content. For example, when I do covers of popular music, I get new fans that were simply searching for that specific song. Now I can inform them about my own original music as well.

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Opslået af RoRo på 18. januar 2017

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What big lessons have you learned about the recording process so far?
I have learned that it’s really personal. Being in that vocal booth and closing your eyes and pouring your heart out on a microphone is a one in a million feeling.

What have you found is the best platform for selling music?
iTunes seems to be one of the most used platforms for buying new music. Every time I have a new release, I’m always asked by my fans if it will be on iTunes. For hard copies, Amazon is really simple to go through.

Any plans to perform the album live?
This coming march, I am excited to say that I will be flying down to Orlando, FL to perform at a charity event where I will be performing songs such as “Angel in Blue” and “Queen Bee” to name a few. I am booking a lot more gigs to take the album out for a spin.

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RoRo (Rochelle Diamante) is a singer/songwriter who has accomplished an impressive amount for her age. She regularly posts videos on her YouTube Channel. Her debut album ‘Release’ is out now. YouTube | Facebook | Twitter