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Recording – Pro Studio or Home?

This week we’re exploring the pros & cons of home studio setups over a more professional approach.   

Let’s face it. Gone are the days were an expensive stint in a professional recording studio was the only way to achieve a polished, industry-worthy album. In fact, with the right resources and skills set you can now get a great result from the comfort of your own home! We’d love to know your views on home recording vs. studio recording.

So the question is: As more advanced technology becomes available to the general public, many are opting for ‘home studio’ setups. In your opinion, can this ever really replace the polish of the professional studio?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As a singer, which of these two skills is more important; A natural ear for melody and harmony or the ability to read music notation?

Mary Ballantyne commented…

“Lots of well known singers/musicians have made it without reading a note!! No one is better than anyone! Just love what you do”.

Chris McDaniel wrote…

“Why value one over the other? The best solution is both. Not that many singers are illiterate. So why be illiterate in the language of music”? 

Robert Zungia responded…

“A natural ear for melody and harmony is fundamental for a singer… Or any musician.PS: a real musician doesn’t need further explanation of the meaning of those words”.

Rick Kaupp posted…

“The Natural ear thing….’cause Lennon-McCartney never learned to read music. Good enough for them….good enough for me. Enough said”.

What an amazing response this week guys! Looking forward to reading your responses to this week’s post.

All the best, C x