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Recording Your Voice – 5 Top Tips

VoiceCouncil Magazine Presents Singer & Vocal Coach Juliet Russell from The Voice, UK on recording tips for singers.

Juliet Russell has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice; she is also widely known as a singer, composer, arranger and choir director – see more at

  • Thank you so much, this was really helpful. I use the same headphone technique too! And you do have to be careful not to let the sound bleed out of them into the mic you’re singing into. >^.^<

  • Jon

    Really good tips. I like reviewing these video’s and articles…sometimes it takes you back to the basics and that is exactly what you need. Nice job.

  • Merci Juliet, I Concur…..as a Londoner in OZ some 45 years, I lived through a kind of homesickness watching the vid and hearing your lovely English accent. But I digress.

    As long as DAW recording artists need a Pop shield, “ladies hosen” will be on the market, and it has served me well in ways I never could have imagined as a young man. Mine is permanently perched on the neck of my Shure PG58 and always causes raised eyebrows and requests for more information from visitors.

    Your points are well made for singers to observe.I would love to hear more from you about using different types of mic for different vocal quality and ambience effects as sometimes the state of one’s voice needs all the support it can get, other than those medications and lozenges. A good mic can be a fairly costly investment so a “listen to and read this before buying” video session from you would help greatly, prior to doing so.
    I wish I was back in London just to get a close look at that fab studio you are in!


    © ♯♪♫

  • upmulti

    Love It!!!!!

  • rusty

    just purchased a helicon r1 and exploring through all theses pages , top marks so far. hi to every one