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Rejected by TV but Still Singing‬

20 Singers turned down by X Factor, Pop Idol and The Voice find a new way ahead.

VoiceCouncil Magazine speaks with Paul Stuart Davies about his new vocal “supergroup” who are trying to turn heads with their new release.
What’s your experience been with Reality TV?‬
I auditioned for The Voice UK in November 2011 in Manchester. In the past I have auditioned for X Factor and Pop Idol too and have always made it through the initial “can you sing” stage.‬

Have you figured out why you were bounced off these shows?
When it comes to later rounds, your image and background seem to be more important; I have always been sent the “well done for getting

so far” email.‬ I’ve been a professional singer for years on the gigging circuit so I was really hoping to make it nationally.

But it doesn’t sound like you spent much time licking your wounds…
I come from a very small town in Lancashire and have no music industry contacts – and want to find a bigger audience. I started thinking that there must be a wealth of talent who’ve had experiences similar to mine. I thought I would try a different approach that may just kick start, not only my own career, but the career of many great unrecognized singers – the likes of which I have seen time and time again rejected by TV talent shows.‬

So what, exactly, is your idea?
As the saying goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and in our case 20 voices are better than 1! People power can be a very strong thing and I wanted to gather a group, perform a song for charity and try to get noticed along the way!

How did you find singers to join up with you?
I just posted an invitation on the Facebook page for The Voice UK, to all singers who hadn’t made it to the live TV stages of the show, to join me in forming this “supergroup” and releasing a song.‬

What’s The Charity?
‬‬ The charity “Me and Dee” provides special treats to those with a life threatening or life limiting condition. Sadly, the majority of these treats happen in someone’s final days but this makes the treats even more special. Since starting Full Circle, Me and Dee has become very close to our hearts.

OK – so what happened with your attempt to start a group?
Around 50 singers asked to join Full Circle and I spent a while listening to their online demos (mostly recorded on web cams and mobile phones!) before choosing a song and selecting the best people for the solo lines etc.

Are they all with you now?
Over the 4 months from starting the group to recording the single, we inevitably lost members who pulled out for a number of reasons but were left with a core of 20 singers who travelled from across the UK from as far apart as Edinburgh and Essex at their own expense to record in Manchester in April.‬‬

20 is a great number!
Yes – and it is a determined group. When we all arrived in Manchester to record what I believe (pardon the pun!) to be a fantastic display of unrecognised British vocal talent I was overwhelmed. I felt that something massive had already been achieved regardless of whether the song becomes a hit or not.‬‬
What’s currently happening with your song?‬
We launched our website and song on May 1st, giving us a month to create a “buzz” around the internet and build a fan base in time for the single’s release on June 4th. The music video has had over 7000 views in the first 2 weeks which is a great start! We have also received words of support from David Gest, who even played the song to many celebrities at his birthday charity ball.

After this song what’s next for full circle?
Charity single number 2! We’re hoping that the exposure that “I Believe” is giving us will act as a launch pad for the careers of the singers involved and as the group and its members become better known, the singles will be increasingly more successful.

What advice do you have for other vocalists who want a life of singing but aren’t the chosen few making inroads to the big TV Shows?
Be imaginative! There are so many resources available to singers – use them all – and don’t be afraid to work with others as it is through people that you will find success.

Full Circle is made up of 20 singers who came together through auditions for The Voice UK. The single “I Believe” was recorded in Blueprint Studios (Jessie J, Rihanna) and is released on June 4th with all proceeds donated to the charity Me and Dee.

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    I hope everyone enjoys our single as much as we have enjoyed making it. Thank you for listening, now all we have to do is get it to number one and raise as much as we can for the amazing charity. X

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    The song is great and the singers are all very talented.  It just goes to show that national talent shows are not just about ‘the voice’ because if that was truly the case, all of these people would have got through to the final! Well done everyone!

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