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Relax Your Tongue.

Don’t let the possibility of more vocal power turn to strain -says Celebrity Vocal Coach Jeannie Deva

Vocal Coach Residency Week Two: 20 Sept. 2010 – by Jeannie Deva

Hello Singers! In this, my second week of Voice Council Magazine Vocal Coach Residency, I thoroughly enjoyed listened to the Laura Warwick and David “Rockit” Willard’s Peer Review vids.

Kudos: Laura has a voice so spacious and captivating, I did not miss having anything more than the simple beauty of the acoustic guitar accompaniment. Beautiful song styling and nice visual: well thought through, interesting and complimentary.

Kudos: David has a great dramatic and powerful Rock tenor voice. He chose a perfect song for himself and his advanced capabilities. The video was a little distracting due to the constant blinking lights behind him, but the drum cymbal array and lighting otherwise made a great backdrop to a solid performance.

Here’s some advice that helps achieve even more control and as such contributes to more powerful performances – since this applies to nearly all vocalists I’ve worked with, I hope other singers will listen in and try it out!

Relax your tongue.

Does your tongue tense as you sing? Does the back of it pull up as you go for a higher note?

At these times the back of the tongue and inner mouth muscles are being tensed. This can be caused by trying to open the space of the back inside of the mouth, perhaps thinking it will provide more resonance. Unfortunately this tightens and locks the muscles. Then, due to lack of flexibility, what could be more resonance and more power turns to strain.

Try this: Select a song to sing. With your tongue extended forward and out from your bottom lip, sing the melody of the song (no lyrics) using the vowel “Ah.” Work on releasing any tension from the back of your tongue as you do so. Notice how the “Ah” can be accomplished without the use of the back of your tongue. This may take a bit of practice to accomplish. Once through, sing the song again this time with lyrics. Notice the difference. Releasing the tension of the tongue and inner muscle environment of the back of your mouth has a lot to do with increased resonance, flexibility and power.

Have a great singing week! – Until next time, Jeannie Deva

VoiceCouncil’s Interview with Jeannie Deva

Jeannie Deva is a celebrity master voice and performance coach as well as a recording studio vocal specialist. She has worked with and been endorsed by engineers and producers of Aerosmith, Elton John, Bette Midler, Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. Seen on E! Entertainment and TV Guide Channels, Jeannie has been interviewed as a celebrity guest on talk shows internationally. She is the author of the globally acclaimed “Contemporary Vocalist” series and “Deva Method Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs” CD. Certified Deva Method® teachers are located on east and west coasts of the U.S. and in Sydney, Australia. Deva’s private voice studio is located in Los Angeles where she teaches in-person as well as singers around the world via Internet web cam. Clients include Grammy award winners, American Idol Finalists, singers for Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Sting, Pink, Christina Aguilera and more. www.JeannieDeva.comwww.Facebook.com/JeannieDevawww.Twitter.com/JeannieDeva