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Rev Up Your Passion

It’s time to get re-connected to your inner fire –says Simone Niles

When you feel passionate about something, it’s usually related to your values.

When you really value what you’re doing, it’s easy to feel passion.

But when you don’t place a high value on your activity – or if what you are doing has drifted from your values – it’s easy to feel frustrated.

So, are you feeling passionate about your singing these days?

If you are, then keep on doing what you are doing!

Getting the Passion Back

Your first and most important step to rekindling the fire is to examine what you value and relate it to your art.

When is the last time you’ve done this?

This simple exercise will help you to re-connect with your inner values.

Think about your performances. I want you to ask yourself, “what do I really value?” (communication, expression, connection, skill etc.) And then I want you to write down one thing you can do in the next seven days to move ahead in a new way with this aspect of your performance.

Now do the same for the area of supporting your performances (you know, contacting venues, communicating with band members) – write down one thing you value in terms of the ground work involved in helping your performances happen. Emphasize this part of your work in the next seven days.

Breaking Through the Barriers

Often when we have lost our passion, it is because of an inner conflict between what we really value and the fact that we are doing something else.

The exercise above is about moving towards our values – and you may be surprised at how just one small change can bring fire back into your life.

My Reactions To This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Beth – Jar of Hearts (cover)

Beth – great song choice, it really suits you. I appreciated your relaxed tone and phrasing. There are a few things you can do to improve. When you are singing notes that are slightly too low (1st verse), you can raise your larynx and bring the sound more forward in your mouth. This will help with your placement and control. Visually in the latter part of the song you really connected with your facial expression. Try to draw your audience in right from the beginning. Good use of a falsetto flip near the end—this added more dynamic to your interpretation.

Jody Shealy – When You Love A Woman (cover)

Hey Jody, you have such a nice tone. Your vibrato is so resonant and this adds dynamic to your voice. When you are projecting in the upper part of your range you lose support and slightly constrain your sound. You can remedy this by connecting with your muscular support (intercostal and lats) and by relaxing your throat. It may also help to practice a vocal sigh high in your range to encourage a naturally relaxed sound. It would be good to see you connect more with the song visually. You have good vocal agility and used this well to enhance the song. Well done.

-Simone Niles

Simone Niles is a leading vocal and performance coach and an author on the specialty of performance enhancement. She has a busy private teaching practice in London and also teaches at The Institute of Contemporary Music, where she is MD of the college’s vocal ensemble. Her book “Coaching for Performance Excellence”, gives artists new and innovative ways to achieve performance excellence and is available from her website.
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This article has been especially adapted for VoiceCouncil Magazine from Simone’s book, “Coaching For Performance Excellence”. www.coachingartistry.com