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Review: AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set D5


AKG’s 4-channel wireless microphone system is quick and easy to set up –says Chris Kennedy

Item: AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set D5 – Wireless Microphone System

Price: £530 (UK), $?? (US – contact dealer)

Mic Rating: 4/5

At A Glance: AKG’s DMS Tetrad Vocal Set D5 is a professional digital 2.4GHz (WiFi spectrum) wireless system for worldwide license-free operation. The set includes the DSRTetrad digital wireless receiver and the handheld wireless microphone based upon their popular D5 vocal microphone. It provides 24bit, 48kHz uncompressed audio quality and the receiver offers up to four channels in a single 19” housing with rack mount adapter. It features a one-click pairing function gets the system up and running in seconds, as well as 128-bit AES standard encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal (which makes it a perfect for high-security conferences).

High Notes: The wireless microphone offers the same great sound of the AKG D5 dynamic vocal mic (check out our review here), and its super-cardioid polar pattern is good for minimizing feedback and spill on stage. It is also available paired with AKG’s cheaper P5 microphone, and you can get optional extras include a wireless pack for head-worn mics and a battery operated phantom power supply. Each channel on the receiver has a level control as well as a high/low input gain switch to ensure optimum level adjustment for clear, distortion-free signals. The system also provides an out-of-range warning function to ensure a stable and drop-free signal within the entire operating area.

Off Pitch: The microphone set only comes with one microphone and other wireless D5 mics cost around $199/£190 each – which puts the cost up greatly if you need to use all 4 channels. If you were just using the other mics for backing singers or speeches, however, you could probably get away with using the slightly cheaper wireless P5 microphone instead.

Voice Council Reviewer Says: Although there are cheaper wireless systems that offer 1 or 2 channels; if you need 4-channels of wireless microphones, AKG’s DMS Tetrad system offers good value for money and is very easy to set up. In use, the D5 microphone capsule produces a clear, slightly forward sound and the microphones are nicely balanced for holding. Its rated range of up to 50m should be enough for most users and the battery life is around 6 hours (when using AA alkaline batteries). If you need more channels, there is the option to use two systems together to enable 8 wireless microphones to be simultaneously used (if you need more you would need to look at other systems). Overall, the AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set D5 is a well thought out system that performs well on stage when 1 or 2 wireless mics are not enough.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.akg.com

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