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Review: Alesis VideoTrack – Portable Vid/Audio Recorder

A quick and easy way to record your gig – but is the quality good enough? Asks Chris Kennedy

Item: Alesis VideoTrack -handheld video and audio recorder

Price: US $89-140, UK £85-95

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: Alesis’ VideoTrack is a low-cost portable video and audio recorder that is aimed at musicians and fans wanting to capture live musical performances. It features two condenser microphones to allow for stereo recording and a digital video recorder with LED light for use in low light situations.

High Notes: The device is lightweight with rubbery case to make it easy to grip. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB and recordings are stored on a SD memory card. Included with the device is a 2GB memory card that enables up to one hour of video recording, however the dive can support up to a 16GB card if you need more capacity. The unit also has a standard tripod connector screw mount on its base and headphone output for monitoring your recording.

Off Pitch: Although the audio quality is good the video recording is more akin to what you would expect from a decent mobile phone and not a dedicated video recording device. It also only supports up to 640×480, so HD video recording is out the question.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The VideoTrack’s video recording performance is primarily what lets the unit down. When combined with a tripod it can produce reasonable results, however it struggles to cope well with fast moving action or particularly shaky hands. On the other hand, its audio recording capabilities are alone worth the asking price of the device. If used in a well lit area, it could certainly make a pretty decent YouTube video. If you want to capture live performances and you care more about the audio quality than the video quality then the Alesis VideoTrack is definitely worth considering.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.alesis.com/videotrack

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  • Marcelo Vieira

    oh Alesis.. how lame.

  • Gordonhughes

    As the review says its the audio quality & not the video that is the strong point here. Most video recorders do a great job with HD video but almost all do not record top quality audio. The Alesis is mostly used for U Tube posts, so if you want your band or solo gig to sound just like it did in the venue then this is the unit to buy, bearing in mind any video and audio recordings can be tweaked prior to posting on a suitably equiped PC.
    I have 35 years experience as a professional singer & musician with considerable live and studio experience. I have been using this unit to capture live gigs with great success over the last 12 months and yes in low light situations the video quality is not the best but the sound capture is stunning. For its low cost investment, approx £70 in some outlets, it delivers audio results way outside any video camera or off shelf personal camera.
    It is possible to take the audio, extract it and add it to an HD video if you so wish.
    Its also great for doing self analysis takes of shows or alternatively use  for demo purposes to get gigs at venues etc .
    If you want HD video with Hd sound at professional quality then you need to think differently and use seperate professional dedicated units that will require a large investment. the alesis does not claim to do this or is it intended for that. view it in its own capabilities and market area and find suitable uses as above. dont ask it to be the Ferarri that it isnt.

    Gordon Hughes
    Professional Guitarist & Singer

  • Kathryn Trucano

    More insight into the limitations of this device. The only format that
    is allowed on the SD cards is fat32. Fat32 has a file size limit of
    4GB. The format for the videos in MP4. Thus, the longest time for a
    video is ~50 minutes, if you have an SD card that can hold 4GB. If you
    have the 2GB drive, the largest video you can create is ~20 minutes. I
    discovered this the hard way!