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Review: Apogee’s USB Mic/Interface

Are you a touring vocalist? This device may make recording your music easier than ever -says Chris Kennedy.

Type: USB Microphone and Audio Interface

Item: Apogee One

Price: US $249, UK £189

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: The Apogee One is a pocket-sized audio interface with built in microphone that Apogee claim is great for making recordings of voice, guitar, or pretty much any source you may want to record. The unit is powered via USB and is primarily aimed at people wanting to add a simple and portable recording setup to their MacBook for use with software such as GarageBand or Logic.

High Notes: This is an extremely compact device, at around the size of a mobile phone. Musicians on-the-go will find this device particularly useful – when combined with a MacBook – to record wherever their travel takes them. The in-built microphone is capable of producing decent results on a wide range of sources including vocals. This means artists can record every part to a song using the device into their Mac for mixing without the need of any other equipment. The device also features a DI in for connecting a guitar, an XLR connection for connecting an external microphone and a headphone connection for monitoring.

Off Pitch: The device is Mac only – so PC users will have to look elsewhere. The on-board microphone is decent enough for demos, however for more critical recordings, you will most likely be better off using a decent external microphone with the device. Also, Apogee will only work up to 24bit 48KHz recording quality, which could be an issue for some users.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you are a touring musician wanting to make quick song demos with your MacBook in hotel rooms, then the Apogee One could well be the ideal solution for you. For its size, the device is capable of producing impressive results and it is certainly well thought out and easy to use. It’s a shame that Apogee have decided to make this a Mac only device, however there are several USB microphones on the market that work on PCs albeit not all with entirely the same features as the Apogee One.

You can hear example recordings made with the Apogee One here.

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  • Mitchell Sternbach

    Yet another of the many, many reasons to get a Mac!