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Review: Aston Microphones Origin

This UK-made microphone offers some unique features at a great price.

Item: Aston Microphones Origin

Price: $249 (US) / £200 (UK)

Mic Rating: 4.5/ 5

At A Glance: The Origin is a large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone from UK microphone brand Aston. Despite the low-cost of the microphone, it is designed, assembled and tested in the UK and features some unique features to help it stand out from the competition. Like most condenser mics, it requires 48V phantom power to operate and it has a full range frequency response of 20Hz – 20kJz (+/- 3db). The mic has a switchable low-cut filter (set at 80Hz) and it’s -10dB pad switch helps it to achieve a maximum operating SPL level of 127dB. The body of the mic has a custom finished paint job that takes around 4-hours to complete, and it comes in eco-friendly packaging.

High Notes: One of the mic’s unique features is its built-in mesh-knit pop filter. This means you can safely record vocals with the microphone without the need for an external pop-shield to stop unwanted plosive sounds. The pop-filter is part of Anston’s “signature wave-form mesh head”, that as well as helping protect the capsule against knocks and drops, can safely be removed and washed. One other nice feature of the mic is its integrated mic stand connector. This is made possible due to its internal shock absorption being effective enough to allow you to mount the mic directly to a mic stand without needing a shock-mount.

Off Pitch: Considering the price and the build quality, there is little to fault with the microphone. It is not the most characterful sounding mic – although this transparent sound makes it a good general purpose studio mic. Although the in-built shock protection is reasonably good; it can’t quite compete with a separate shock-mount and attaching the microphone directly to a stand can be a little limiting when it comes to positioning options.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Overall the Origin is an excellent budget microphone for singers and instrumentalists wanting to record themselves at home. Its in-built shock and pop protection, make it really easy to use for singers who want something simple to set up and record with. It also has a nice sounding proximity effect if you need to add some extra warmth to your voice. The low-cut switch is great for removing unwanted rumbles being picked up, however it can also remove a bit too much low-end on some low male voices. You can always turn it off though, and use a high-pass filter in your DAW or on your preamp. There is a low of competition from other microphones in this price range; however, it competes favourably in terms of sound quality and offers some nice features that make it an excellent choice for home studio musicians.

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