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Review: Audio-Technica PRO 31 Microphone

Can this low-cost vocal mic perform well on stage?

Item: Audio-Technica PRO 31
Price: US: $39, UK: £42
Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Audio-Technica PRO 31 is a low-cost cardioid dynamic microphone designed for close-up vocal performance. It offers a broad frequency response tailored for vocals and features low handling noise for singers who like to hold their mic on stage. The Pro 31 has a durable design that should deliver consistent performance on the road and comes bundled with a stand clamp and XLR cable.

High Notes: The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern in order to reduce pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, and improve isolation of desired sound source on stage. Its in-built pop filter does a good job of reducing unwanted plosive sounds and it has good resistance to feedback. It uses a neodymium magnet to deliver a hot output signal which helps vocals to sound articulate and forward in the mix.

Low Notes: Sonically the PRO 31 has a slightly hyped low midrange that can produce a pleasant warming effect on female vocals; however this can sometimes sound a little muddy on male singers. Compared to some other microphones, the PRO 31 lacks a little in high frequency clarity meaning some additional EQ will generally be needed to get the best out of the mic.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Audio-Technica PRO 31 is an impressive microphone for the money, however if you spend more you will generally get a better sounding microphone. On the other hand, the PRO 31 would definitely be a good choice for backing singers if you are on a budget; the build quality is excellent considering it is a budget microphone. The low-cost microphone market is a crowded place and if you are looking for an entry-level vocal microphone you may also want to consider the Shure SM48 and Sennheiser E825, as well as slightly more costly options such as the Shure SM58, AKG D5, TC-Helicon MP-70 and Sennheiser E840.

Manufactures’ Website: http://www.audio-technica.com

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