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Review: Audix Fireball V, Beat-Boxing Microphone

Are you a beat-boxer looking for a mic that’s made especially for you?

Item: Audix Fireball V, Beat-Boxing / Harmonica Microphone
Price: US $149, UK £115
Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Audix Fireball V is a live dynamic microphone that is targeted at beat-boxers and harmonica players. It is designed with a small body in order to make it easier to hold than a traditional microphone – for performers who like to cup their hands over the mic. Its frequency response is specifically tailored to suit beat-boxing (and harmonicas) rather than lead vocals and it also features an easy to use volume controller on its body.

High Notes: The Fireball has a cardioid pickup pattern to help isolation and to minimise feedback. As its frequency response (50Hz to 16kHz) and curve is better suited to beat-boxing than traditional vocal microphones, little or no additional EQ is required on your mixing desk to get the sound you need. It has a well-defined low-end that helps vocal bass drum sounds sound large as well as enough high frequencies to produce crisp sounding hi-hat and snare sounds without getting harsh.

Low Notes: Although not a concern for most users, the Fireball cannot easily be used with mic stand.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Fireball is probably a little too bass heavy to make it an ideal choice for live singing, however it could work okay for rapping and it can also be used on brass instruments or percussion. The microphone is highly regarded by many beatboxers as it offers a sound that is better suited to their vocal style than a traditional vocal mic designed for singing. If you are looking for a mic for beat-boxing, the Audix Fireball is definitly worth trying out.

Manufacturers’ Website: http://www.audixusa.com

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