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Review: Behringer XENYX 802, Mixing Desk

Could this small, low-cost mixer be your perfect gigging companion?

Item: Behringer XENYX 802, Mixing Desk
Price: $59 (US), £49 (UK)
Mic Rating: 4.5 / 5

At A Glance: Behringer’s XENYX 802 is a small-format mixing desk that is primarily designed for live use. It features two mic inputs that can also be used for a line-in for instruments, stereo RCA inputs for connecting a MP3 player or laptop, and 2 stereo line inputs that can also be used as mono inputs. There are plenty of outputs including main stereo mix, control room, headphone and RCA, and there is an FX send and return if you want to added some outboard processing such as reverb.

High Notes: The XENYX 802 packs in an impressive array of features considering its ultra-compact size and low cost. The mic inputs have phantom power and plenty of clean gain, and there is also a clip indicator to warn you if you have the gain level too high. Each channel has a pan control, FX send control, and a three-band EQ section. The overall build-quality seems reasonable enough and it won’t take up much space in your gig bag.

Off Pitch: The mid-eq’s are fixed at 2.5 kHz; making them less versatile as desks with variable frequency eq’s. Also, there is no low-cut switch on the mic channels and no on/off switch.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: For the money, it would be very hard to be disappointed with the XENYX 802. For live use, it offers decent sound quality and enough inputs and routing flexibility to suit many small groups. The FX send/return is useful if you need to add some reverb to a source; however, it could also be used as an AUX send to a monitor speaker if you wanted to create a separate monitor mix. If you want a device to use at home with your computer, then you may want to look at the XENYX 802 USB, which for a small extra cost, adds a USB audio interface to the mixer. Overall, if you need a low cost mixing desk that will get the job done, it’s hard to find fault with the XENYX 802.

Manufacturer’s Website: Behringer

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  • lois

    This mixer is another blatant ripoff of a Mackie design, even using a similar model number. Anyone who care about ethics and quality soould avoid it an buy the Mackie