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Review: Beyerdynamic TG V35d s

Can this low-cost live mic provide good quality performance?

Item: Beyerdynamic TG V35d s
Price: $50 (US), £40 (UK)
Mic Rating: 4.5 / 5

At A Glance: Beyerdynamic’s TG V35d is a handheld dynamic microphone aimed at singers starting out with live performance. It has a supercardioid polar pattern that gives it excellent feedback rejection and an on/off switch with silent operation. In addition to the mic, you also get a stand clamp, storage bag and a 4.5 m XLR cable.


High Notes: The microphone has a tailored frequency response that provides a forward and present sound to help vocals cut through the mix often without the need for additional EQ. The build-quality is excellent and it should have no trouble withstanding years of use. The TG V35d is also available as a bundle with a microphone stand, and also as a discounted triple pack if you work with multiple singers.

Off Pitch: Although there are ultimately better sounding microphones available, considering the cost of the TG V35d there is little to fault it with.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Beyerdynamic TG V35 features impressive performance considering its low price. As well as being a good option for singers starting out, it is a great choice for backing singers, DJs or rehearsal spaces. When compared to higher-end microphones the sound can be a little bit thinner and less refined, also some users may prefer not to have a switch in case it accidentally gets turned off during a performance; however, if your budget it tight, then the TG V35d is definitely worth trying out.

Manufacturer’s Website: Beyerdynamic

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