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Review: Clear Voice Spray

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Type: Vocal Spray

Item: Clear Voice Spray

US $8.99 – $11.99
UK £ 7.99 – £10.51

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At a Glance: The manufacturers of Clear Voice Throat Spray claim that their “innovative blend of herbs is designed to keep your airways open and your mouth and throat moist”. However, there is a strong consensus in the medical community that singers should never use this type of throat spray product, whatever the manufacturer’s claims or endorsements – effective moisture comes from within so just drink more water!

High Notes: Whereas most examples of this product-type are alcohol-based, Clear Voice is at least based upon vegetable glycerine. Six flavours are available so at least one might suit your palate.

Off Pitch: None of the Manufacturer’s statements have been evaluated by the FDA. The producers do, however, state that Clear Voice Vocal Spray is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor is it suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Note: contributors have frequently warned vocalists to pay attention to their vocal health without relying on “quick fixes”.

A Singer Says: “This product is extremely overpriced but will keep the mouth moist for a SHORT period of time; usually a song or two… Clear Voice is nothing more than snake oil.”

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  • Is there a “strong consensus in the medical community that singers should never use this type of product.”? Everyday our company ships orders for “this type of product” placed by doctors (from oncologist to ENTs), speech therapists, pharmacies and patients.

    Many prescription medications include dry mouth and throat side effects (and effects of those effects) and Clearvoice is one of the products used to combat them. There are very few natural products to have FDA approval and therefore those statements are standard disclaimers.

    Drinking water is critical but true hydration takes too long and for some singers is not enough immediately before show. Besides, a full bladder can mess up a performance. Aloe Vera, not mentioned in the article,the awesome lubricant/moisturizer is a vital ingredient in Clearvoice that helps provide that “quick fix”. And since “it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”, a temporary yet effective benefit is all that is expected.

    It is important to understand what product you are using and know what to expect from it otherwise you will be unhappy. Throat sprays are all different and as with all natural products can work better on one person than another. Even the flavor can have a minimal advantage, mint vapor is a bronchial dilator while citrus causes more salivation. Since it's only a minor quality, we don't necessarily offer Clearvoice for hydration as much as to help clear mucous and decrease inflammation, accomplished by yet another ingredient not mentioned, osha root.

    This article seemingly contains a vague review opinion without enough product information or the multi-industry knowledge required to do so.

  • I have not tried this one, but I have used Travelwellness's Vocal Eze. This kind of sprays are the most simple way of throwing your money away. They may be good for orators but not for singers.

  • I have tried a few of these products and I belive they are a waste of money. DRINK MORE WATER, seems to do the same as the ca$h traps out there..

  • Alice

    This stuff is GREAT! I read your review and I am stumped. It keeps my throat moist and clear. True it is a TEMPORARY help…but it makes dry mouth/throat vanish after eating dairy or salty foods. We had a speech therapist give it to my daughter and it came highly recommended. I am also highly recommending it. Try it for yourself.

  • Singer for Christ

    My sisters and I travel and sing at churches. I lost my voice for three years and most days only spoke above a whisper. After seeking help at Wake Forest Baptist, found most of my issues were from acid reflux. But since it is easy for me to strain & complete loose voice after one song. I can’t always drink water and sometimes water makes me cough. (don’t know why) This spray does not repair voice but helps keep dryness and coughing at bay allowing us to sing for periods of up to 40 minutes.