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Review: Desktop Konnekt 6

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Type: FireWire Audio Interface/Monitor Control

Item: Desktop Konnekt 6
US $199
GB £123.37 – £195.00

Mic Scale

At a Glance: If you need a reliable, high quality way of recording music to your computer, this may well be the best that you can get for the money. The Desktop Konnekt 6 is an easy-to-use desktop audio interface featuring tracking reverb, an ergonomic volume knob and a 3-mode high resolution meter for intuitive and instant control while recording.

High Notes: The headphone amp sounds clean and powerful, while on the input side TC’s Impact mic and Hi-Z instrument preamp also sound clear and extended. The Konnekt 6 can operate in three modes: input, output, and mastering while the reverb has the sound quality you’d expect from a high-end hardware reverb.

Off Pitch: One reviewer complained that it doesn’t have 3 channels.

More: “So far the Desktop Konnekt 6 is the best small audio interface I have ever used. It’s compact, simple and provides superb sound quality at a low price. If you want to record some instruments at home or sing along with yourself, this device is for you. I love it” Ivan Beres; CrunchGear

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  • ujiya

    I just set one of these up for a friend who is a great musician but fairly new to the whole DAW thing. I sent him a list of moderately priced units of similar description and he opted for this one. It answers up nicely to Sonar Pro and Pro Tools LE, as well as Acid 7.0 and a plethora of other audio wares. It has dedicated setup features for a variety of approaches. Like any daw unit under $200.00, you're going to have parameters within parameters due to the compact nature of such devices. One nice additive that the Konnekt 6 boasts is some posh lil' verbs right in the unit. More often than not singers will want a lil' effects added to the signal to make them “feel” better about their singing. I personally don't like recording with effects. However, the great thing about this unit is the effects can be applied to the what the singer hears without being applied to the dry signal that's being recorded. All in this is a tight unit with lots of great features. I believe it comes with a version of Cubase…make sure you look online when buying any device like this, to ensure it's will work with your computer and recording software.